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Holy cow I'm loving this thread. Only 21 pages in and it's getting pretty beefy, in-depth (beyond my own knowledge and experience), and so much detail...makes me wanna skip ahead by 10 page leaf-throughs instead of page by page of responses. tongue.gif
Well, now I know where the FX-4100 stands which should give me a baseline comparison when the new FX-4320 comes out. Looking to build a new SFF LAN gaming rig in the coming year and abandoning my mildly OC'd C2D E8400 (3.4 GHz). I love how cool the new FX chips run even under air cooling, much less water or closed-loop.
Can anyone tell me if the X number of phases a mobo has would have any effect on overclocking a FX-4100 to say 4.0 or 4.2 GHz? I wanna see if settling for a budget board is worth it in the end or if I'll to sacrifice a few more bills in order to get a better OC potential out of the board.

FX 4100 goes to 4.2Ghz on any board. On mediocre board with 4+1 phase it will hit easily 4.6 + Ghz with decent cooler. So the answer is no, u dont need expensive board for 4.2Ghz with FX 4100.