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Memory type

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Hi guys, just a simple noob question. I noticed that Intel i7 3770K has a memory spec like this:

Memory Specifications
Max Memory Size (dependent on memory type) 32 GB
Memory Types DDR3-1333/1600
# of Memory Channels 2
Max Memory Bandwidth 25.6 GB/s
ECC Memory Supported No

Does that mean that my RAM cannot be 1866? I was thinking of getting the Corsair CMT8GX3M2A1866C9 8GB (2x4GB) Dominator GT. Do I have to get a 1600 RAM? Thank you!

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As the processor works with main memory to perform all its processes it is necessary to have compatible RAM.
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So that would mean I cant get that ram, and get a 1600 one yea?
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You can buy the 1866 RAM if it's compatible with mobo but it will only run at 1600.
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You need to enter the BIOS and manually change the memory speed to 1866Mhz, the default memory speed is 1600Mhz, 1866Mhz would be an overclock speed.
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Right... Thank you for the info! Its clear now. smile.gif
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