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Hello everyone,

I'm trying to refurbish my old workstation computer specs wise its:

core 2 duo
6 gigs of cheapo generic ram
ga-p35-ds3r mobo
koolance pa-980 pump/resvoir
seagate lousy hd

it had a nvidia quadro 1700fx card but that was damaged some how when i switched cases - i switched over to the storm cl case.

i don't really do a lot of high end gaming but i do play video games from time to time. i was doing some rendering in the past hence why i had things overclocked.

I believe i have a maze4 or maze5 danger den waterblock in it right now. (it was a while ago i built this computer).

I'm looking for a replacement graphics card -- for all intents and purposes it looked like the evga gtx 550 ti would be a good replacement and I could slap on my old waterblock right onto that thing. but the concern I have (which i didnt have with the quadro was the necessity of heatsinks on this board). Knowing me I'll probably start overclocking things and fiddling with parameters once I get it working. But, I don't really know if I'll need to add heatsinks to the vrm -- for that matter where they would be placed. Moreover, I'm not 100% sure whether the water block would fit onto this card. Anyways, this is more of a fun project for me -- i'm not hardcore and not looking to spend huge amounts of money because I don't play video games that aggressively. But, I would like a computer that could handle photoshop, autocad, rhino and cinema 4d fairly well.

Could I get some advice on how to handle this pseudo retro refurbishing of my desktop. I might not even be looking at the best videocard for doing what I'm doing. Also, trying to stay under $130 bucks on this whole project. Thanks again for any help.

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