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PSU issue?

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Ok, I own a corsair HX1000. I believe I have an issue w/ the PSU.
-When I hit power button, PSU makes an odd humming noise and will not start, eventually if I press it enough (spam the button 20 times) the PC will power up and load into the start up screen where it prompts me to put in my pass. (not a button issue will do same sh-t if i try power button on mb)
-Once I put in pass the PC turns off when it attempts to load windows (not a restart, just loss of power)
-The "paperclip test" only works sometimes, I think my 24 pin is fubar
Any ideas?
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Yep, sounds like it. Corsair support is brilliant, contact them and tell them what you told us, they're more than likely approve an RMA.

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