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Can someone please help me? I have a U2412M, and I cannot get the .ICC profiles to load into Color Management. I have been using to obtain my calibration settings. Well, once inside of Color Management I click "add" then the file browser appears prompting you to select a .ICC profile. I select the .ICC file type Dell U2412M (Standard).icc and from there nothing appears under "Profiles associated with this device". This is my main problem I cannot create a profile under "Profiles associated with this device". But, If I select the "All Profiles" TAB I can see that Dell U2412M (Standard).icc is under "ICC Profiles" being displayed as "Dell U2412M working v2.icc". But, again I cannot see a profile under the "Devices" TAB located in Color Management. I followed the instructions on TFT Central to the "T" and I cannot seem to get the .ICC profile configured correctly. I will be including screen shots, please take a look at them.