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For Sale:
i7 950 + Asus Sabertooth x58 $275 shipped US48

Will Ship To: US48

Hey guys, so I am trying to sell my i7 950 + Asus Sabertooth x58.
Both are still under warranty, both bought on 2/12/2011.
the chip has 3 years warranty and the board has 5 years.
It is currently in my main rig right now that I use for gaming (which isn't very often)
so its pretty much just collecting dust.
I am trying to sell them as a combo for $275 OBO shipped to US48.
I can also include 3x4GB G.skill Ram 1600mhz 9-9-9-24 ram for an extra $35 if you want.
I will be shipping them packed in a flat rate box
(cpu in a clamshell wrapped up and board in anti-static bag wrapped up).
I can/will also include the original 950 heatsink without the fan and
IO shield, Sata Cables, SLI Bridge, Pamphlets.
I can also include original packaging if it will fit into a flat rate box but if not,
you will have to pay shipping if you want the original packaging.
It will most likely fit, but no guarantees.
The chip does 4.2 Ghz @ 1.36v 21x200 stable with the h100 and
never exceeds 65c during regular use. The motherboard has one fault however,
in that the onboard audio does not work, or at least I cannot get it to work.
It might be a driver issue but I want to be completely honest
as this would be my first sale on here.
Paypal only of course to ensure mine and your satisfaction.
Any questions or comments feel free to PM me.
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