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So my reverse layout TH-10 arrived recently and I am completely floored with water cooling indecision overload. The plan is to cool my dual 7970's and my i7-950. I want high clocks and low noise which I think can be achieved to the extent of overkill with dual 4x120s and 1x120.

The loop plan is pump -> pump -> reservoir -> cpu -> 1x120 rear exhaust -> dual gpu in parallel -> 4x120 mb side top -> 4x120 psu side top -> back to pump(s).

Two Swiftech Komodo blocks have been ordered to go with my reference 7970s. I planned on getting two Swiftech 355x's for speed control (quietness) and redundancy but am open to other suggestions.

I have no clue what radiators to get but something that would work best with Noctua NF-F12 power managed fans (running on low) would be best and again am open to suggestions.

I am also not sure whether to get a bay res or to have a floating cylinder tied to the xl vertical mount . What tends to work best with one or more pumps?

Lastly I am utterly stumped as to brand and number of fittings for all this other than possibly having a quick release for each GPU. They all seem functionally equivalent to me.

There is no explicit budget limit, but I need to be at least a little price/performance sensitive because an uninsured recently drove his truck into my car, two other cars, a minivan, and a municipal dumpster.

A work log will probably be posted once I order and receive all these toys.
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