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Where should I upgrade to?

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As of right now, I have a single GTX 570 SC In my rig, which runs things pretty well smile.gif. I Am looking for an upgrade, however, being the enthusiast i am having less than 60 fps on crysis doesn't cut it smile.gif.

Heres my question:

Should I spend 500 dollars on a GTX 680? (Or comparable ATI card, i really dont mind, whichever has the most bang/buck ratio, ATI seems to have that...). Or should I spend another 250 or so on another GTX 570 for SLI?

I know the 570 SLI and the 680 are similar on benchmarks, unless i am mistaken, but money is tight, and i would not be able to purchase ANYTHING until late summer. But I like to plan ahead, its a lot of money. I need the cheapest rout in the long run.

As far as selling the card(s) when they are very outdated (2-3 years++) My older brother will gladly give me some cash for one, and I have a friend who would gladly give me some cash for the other, and I dont see that business venture changing, my brother in in college and has tight money as of his freshman year, and my friend lost his job, and cannot afford anything as of now.

I know the 680 is the newest, but 570 SLI seem cheaper, and better equipped for gaming. 680 is only 256bit....***???, and 570's in SLI would give me almost 3 GB of vram.

Im sorry for rambling a bit. but I honestly have been researching this since before Christmas, and I am still lost. please, someone help me frown.gif
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570's in sli do not equate to 3gb of vram. It does not work that way. You will still be limited to the same vram as a single card.

I would suggest a 680. Sticking with a single card is always the better way to go for the sake of drivers and price depreciation.

Just my 2 cents.
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I honestly think it depends on the quality of board you have and even the CPU. If you have a rig that can handle two x16 lanes at one time I think the 570 is a good buy and better for the money since you won't have to pay flagship prices. Otherwise if say you can only configure in x16 and x4 I would go with the 680.
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