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So i have 2x GTX 260's paired with an FX-8120 OC'd 3.6Ghz. MOBO is getting returned a probably gonna go with an Asus sabertooth. Im seeing that im just not getting the performance i used to. i used to run crysis 1920x1080 with 2XAA and get 32fps on average. it was a HUGE improvement over the single 260 which was dropping into single digits.

If i get a sabertooth, i could run 3x GTX 260's with a 9800GT for physx since its just laying around or i could go and get an entry level 500 series but im really thinking of going to the dark side and going with 3 way crossfire 6790's with a GTX 260 dedicated for PhysX since those would just be laying around. and the 6790's would give me dx11 for much cheaper than the entry level nvidia cards. Im a nvidia fan because i used to be ati all the way and i switched when i was old enough to realize that their drivers are garbage! if nvidia wasnt so expensive id be at the store right now buying a card but its almost $400 for a previous gen entry level card when i can get 3 6790's for close to the same price.

any suggestions?