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XcomVic is the house!

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Going to be doing a LOT of Guild Wars 2 for all your MMO fans out there. PM me if you're playing too!

A bit about myself real quick:

29 years old, been a Marine for 11 years now.

Been gaming since the NES days! I miss my Zelda Gold Cartridge!

Avid PC Gamer. Steam = XcomVic

I play a lot of different titles/genres, depends on my mood, but I mainly focus on MMORPG's and RTS's.

I am trying to build up my rep on here, so that I can start selling my awesome and practically new rig, piece by piece. I just bought me and the wife 2 Nvidia 680's from MSI. I can't wait until they get here! I know I know...I game on a 1080p and it's overkill...but I do plan on expanding my resolution soon (3x 23" or 24", 1080p or 1200p). In the mean time I will enjoy my 60FPS on maxed settings:)

If anyone knows some hookups with the Crosshair V/AMD 1100T settings. Hit me up. I am at 4k with the 1100T on air atm.
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Welcome to OCN.
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Welcome! wave2.gif
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I am the house...sigh..what a fail
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Vic, Welcome to OCN! Did not realize your build dreams are as big as a house!

I am currently Active Duty as well, but a different branch in SC. Cant wait to give GW2 a try when I can, there are so many games coming out that I like. Sadly just concentrating on finishing my build right now and staying sane downrange.

Hope to see more of your threads thumb.gif
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