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DOTA2 has been going to black screen and causing my computer to freeze. Sometimes it happens early game, sometimes late. It goes to black screen and locks up my computer I can still hear game sounds / music. It once let me start task manager and I was able to close dota2, but got a "Display Adapter has stopped working" error from my nvidia drivers. This is the only game it happens in and is very annoying. Anyone else get this? All my drivers are up to date and all other games run fine. Ran memtest and everything is fine. I have set my comp all back to stock clocks to see if maybe it had something to do with my overclock but still does it. Leaving it stock until I get this stuff figured out.

SC2 I get "Paged Pool Memory Error" sometimes the graphics reset, sometimes it freezes up my computer.

Comp Specs.

Windows 7 64
Gigabye Z68 Mobo
Intel i5 2400
16GB DDR3 1333mhz