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Newly built PC crashing any help?

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Alright so I overclocked this weekend to about 4.2ghz everything was going great. Then today we had some stuff installed by time warner. My brother was here when they did he said they tried to turn it on to test it but said he didn't know how so I guess he didn't.... but anyways I guess thats protocol to test the network. Anyways I got home booting up the computer and it crashes about every 10 minutes basically whenever you open an application. I just dont like that time warner guy something is fishy he left crap laying all over.

Things I tried to do to fix it so far

1. Reset and undo OC
2. Reset CMOS
3. clean it out...
4. Make sure heatsink was on tight enough that the CPU wasn't overheating

cant to much else since it crashes so fast I open anything and it just shuts down......

sorry for the post just kinda raging since it was working great before I left this morning any ideas to fix it?

Computer specs are the infuse build in my sig ( minus the graphics card atm) its an geforce 8500 fairly old...

EDIT: I just thought of something I changed out the graphics card and it was working fine for a couple days but could it be bottlenecking maybe? not sure if that would cause a crash like this or not though
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I take it you are talking about your "Infuse"?

What brand is your PSU? What wattage as well?

Have you ever had it working?

It sounds a bit like a PSU or Ram problem.

After reading your edit, it could be a faulty graphics card as well.
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yup talking about infuse

brand is corsair 500w

yes had it working for about a week and going great up until now

I was thinking PSU and tomorrow I will try and take my 750w out of my first build and throw it in there see if it works

I am kinda leaning towards the card though still it just seems odd not sure
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I would try all three in order.

PSU, ram and graphics card.

Just be sure to test each time.

To test your PSU I would run a stress tester.

Testing the ram I would use Memtest and also try each stick by it self.

And the graphics card, I would use Afterburner bench or something similar.
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Alright thanks for the tips I will take the time to do it good tomorrow, tonight I am just to tired to do it properly thanks for the ideas smile.gif
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