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[Build Log] Project "Get rid of my living room's jet engine sound" turn Operation Overkill

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So let me first start out by saying that this entire build started out as a spur of the moment frustration with how loud my current machine was. It was mostly because of dust considering I hadn't cleaned it out the entire 2.5 years I've had it. The fans were running nearly clogged, and the ATI 4670 I put in when I first built it as a temporary cheap fix was maxed out when I would try to play Star Wars The Old Republic on even low settings.

It became all about the cheap fix, new video card, new fans, maybe a ssd if I push it. Then once I bought the video card, a Sapphire 6850, it all snowballed because I justified it as a birthday gift for myself. Initially I impulse buyed an ATI 8150 and a 990FX asus board, along with a zalman quiet air cooler, and a cooler master 1kW power supply, and a few other goodies. But they are all getting returned now. The only things from my original impulse that I'm keeping are the Samsung 830 256gb SSD ($313), the Corsair Obsidian 550D ($130), Samsung SH-B123L Blu-ray Drive ($55), and the Corsair Vengeance 16gb DDR3 1600 ram ($95).

I got fed up by the poor benchmarks of the 8150 for the price. I have been using an AMD 965 BE in my current system and loved the price/performance ratio compared to Intel at the time I got it in November 2009. But now, there's just no ability for me to turn down the 3770k. I held back ordering for a few days since I had to wait for the 3770k ($350) to get released, but once I was able to order it I did a major step up. For one, I picked up the Asus Z77 Tuf mobo ($240), 3 Crucial M4 256gb SSD (1 for $250, 2 for $200 ea), a Corsair H100, and an Antec HCP-1000 ($229).

Now it is just a matter of waiting for a new motherboard to come in, the power supply, and the final 2 Crucial M4's. I plan on running the Samsung as the OS drive, and each of the Crucial M4 drives as separate volumes. One SSD will be game installs, another music / research files, and the last one will be active downloads/movies. I have a 2TB USB 3.0 external that I'm going to run with it for everything else.

I'm currently finishing up my undergrad before going on to do a MD/PhD in Space Medicine, so I wanted a machine that would be capable of running star wars the old republic and other games like Diablo III, and also function perfectly for extreme multitasking. I don't have a lot of free time, and the majority of my gaming is to make money off the economies (helps pay my tuition), so I have to be able to switch between writing reports, reading journal articles, running movies on either a 58" Panasonic Plasma or a 40" Samsung LED TV, and doing everything in game without any downtime or lag. Not to mention, I need something that is going to be quiet, energy efficient, and overall, not needing to be upgraded (except graphics card potentially) for at least 3 years. Hopefully this is it.

The reason why I selected the HCP-1000 over other power supplies was because here in California with the cost of electricity already so high, in one year alone, having a power supply that operates more efficiently than most Silver and Gold certified would equate to about $70+ a year realistically with how much I leave my machines on under load. I hate closing things because I have to be constantly going through so much information for some research projects and classes. So considering the warranty is for 7 years, having then the more efficient power supply means I'm saving approximately $210 over the desired minimum life of the machine which is already almost the whole cost of the power supply, and it is still completely usable for the build that comes after this one.

Case: Corsair Obsidian 550D
Power Supply: Antec HCP-1000
CPU: Intel 3770k
Mobo: Asus z77 Tuf
GPU: Sapphire 6850 1GB
Memory: 16gb Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1600
SSD: 1x Samsung 830 256gb, 3x Crucial M4 256gb
Optical Drive: Samsung SH-B123L
Cooling: Corsair H100

Total Cost: ~$2300

An issue with parts coming in though has been that the H100 arrived damaged, the Tuf mobo was damaged, and the power supply got delayed.

I'll take some pictures of the parts I have to return and then more once everything else comes in. Should have free time next weekend if the replacement mobo and h100 arrive with the power supply in time.
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So after so many delays the final parts are going to be in this upcoming week.

The final parts list has a couple additions. For one, my SSD setup is going to be 2x Samsung 830 256gb in Raid 0 with 2 Crucial M4 256gb as separate storage drives for alternative files I need quick access too. Ie: Having one dedicated to music /movie downloads. And another for research.

The 830's cost $235 each, and the M4's only cost me $200 each. I also switched from an H100 to an H80 and picked up 4 Cougar Vortex 120mm fans.

Next weekend when everything is in and I have time, I'm finally going to get to put it all together.
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