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i was looking at the 67 and 6800 cards, the price difference was not worth it.

also, I feel like its time to give nVidia another chance, ive been AMD/ATi since my old X9600XT

last nvidia card I had was a GeForce FX 5200 (i know...) but that was back in the early pentium 4 days

for now, im COMPLETELY happy with the 550 ti, holy crap it plays ME3 incredibly well. and i only paid 110$ after the rebate.

max settings at 1080p i get no stutter or lag, im loving it.

if i get good performance on BF3 at 1080p no AA then im keeping this and when im ready ill upgrade everything at once. (cpu, mobo, ram, gpu, psu, case)

for now, this rig is decent for what i do. and i got it all under my very tiny budget.