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Thank you for stopping in and checking out my Build & Mod Log. I have been in constant construction of my "rig" (as i like to call it) over the last almost six months now. It started off as my first ever personal pc build and has quickly turned into a THIRD hobby (my bank account hates me mad.gif )
It has become so addicting to me that i am now starting a you tube page for the average Joe like me, who has an interest in modding anything on a pc. I hope you guys check it out when i get it up and running and maybe even get to help you do something to your own pc.

SO lets begin:



Antec 300 case
Asus 880g mobo
AMD 1090t
650watt psu
nvidia 9800gt
coolmaster fans

i knew nothing of overclocking anything or modding when i first started this crazy journey. I wanted my own gaming pc. and obviously from the parts list...was on a budget. but the excitement of having something i built myself quickly wore off when i started to learn off all the amazing things that can be done with a computer.

So i went out and purchased i newer 990 board from Gigabyte and decided that i wanted a water cooled pc. instead of going straight for the custom loop (that i knew nothing about building) I decided to go with the rather cheap H70 by CORSAIR. i also picked up a new EVGA GTX460 that was light years ahead of my little evga 9800gtx


I was so pleased with what i had done with the little bit i had learned so far. I felt i had a solid setup that obviously was not "top o' the line" but was working great for the games and programs i was using it for. But just like anything that can be fiddled with and "tuned up" i wasnt happy for long.

through some research i found that a small group of crazies had made modifications to the Corsair kits to add a reservoir to help drop temps. It didn't sound all that difficult so i gave it a try....and what do ya know IT WORKED (and really well mind you lol) thumb.gif XSPC 250mm aluminium reservoir FTW !! thumb.gif

Ok, so it wasnt pretty..i know.but the hole "that was done with home depot parts" kinda appealed to me (like a 500hp civic that looks like a rust pile).

so now i had to figure out how it was going to all fit in my Antec Three Hundred case...... thinking.gif


ok that wasn't to hard. With some textured paint, a sheet of acrylic and some decent enough bolts to hold it all together i think i pulled off a decent (and different) looking Rig that again pleased me.

so for a good while i was content. willing to ride my home made gravy train thru WOW raids and D3 beta alike with no problems...

.wait what are benchmarks?!?! devil.gif ....wait wait, whats this folding?? OMG THIS IS AMAZING STUFF... I NEEDS MOAR POWAZZ!!

Yep thats pretty much how my mind works.....

and sooooo it begins again...

So Where Are We Now?!




Here it is in all its mod Glory in its current revision. I have added a second GTX 460, performed a custom H60 mod to both. Mounted a H100 on the cpu and tucked the 240mm radiator up where my drive bays use to exist and the a 120mm H70 radiator in the rear exhaust port.

Current PC specs:

CPU: AMD 1090T o.c. @ 4.1
RAM: Kingston HyperX 16gb
GFX: (x2) EVGA GTX460
PSU: TRX 750w
HDD: Patriot Pyro 64gb

Whats Coming Up:
as much as i have done to this case (good looking or not.. tongue.gif ) i have enjoyed it for long enough and its time for an upgrade. I would like to go with a Corsair 600T but there is not much in the ways of modding it aside from some paint and such because i like to cut stuff up( know, like were so thinking people werent you...SICKO!) but we will see.

My big plan was to do a Antec Three Hundred two...what a silly name... and smash both versions of the Antec three hundred case together in some crazy Top and front 240mm radiator chopped and welded and airbrushed with leds and a co2 "nitro tank" crazyness.

im converting anything i can to corsair...why?!...cuz i like em...thats enough for me!!
New Mobo: rampage or formula...unsure still
Sleeved Corsair 850w PSU

if you would like to see more on everything i have done up to this point, check out my AMD build log as it covers my GFX mod and all that... i will keep any posting here directly to what case i purchase and the MODs i perform to it.

hope to see yal round these parts lol and and always
Stay tuned! thumb.gif