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Recently acquired a pair of Rokit RP5 G2s, although they sound great, but both of them generate a low hum static.

Well, let me break it down:

1.) Low hum static with NO CABLES plugged in; i.e. power cord ONLY.
The static noise volume does NOT scale with the increase of volume via speaker knob.

2.) Low hum static + higher pitched whine/static with RCA plugged in (Xonar Essence STX).
The higher pitched whine/static DOES scale with volume knob. Also CHANGES with PSU load (or some load, because it started making different sounds during different assessments in the WEI)

Was wondering if there are any solutions for this. Both of them have the same symptoms. (It's driving me nuts, I have to actually turn them off)

I have them sitting on top of Auralex pads on a speaker stand.

My STX is in between a video card and a PSU in my case. It occupies the x16 pci-e 2.0 (running at x4) slot in an Asus Z77 Pro. The case is a Phantom.

Any help/suggestions and if you have had this problem before/advice would be much appreciated.

Thanks all smile.gif