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what good would it do putting it in the oven ?
The solder becomes fluid around 180°C-190°C. So In essence you resolder all the pins. The tin sometimes lose their hold and result in an erratic connection.

I did this with two seperate nVidia 8800GTS-512, they both had graphical artifacts. And after a nice 20 minutes in the oven they worked perfectly again.
Of course, this is something you do after your warranty is expired. I can only imagine the look on the reseller's face when you tell him your Mobo or GPU was malfunctioning even after you put it into the over for a while. "I'm sorry, but the manual didn't mention it as an unadvised usage"

And there is nothing like you hear a clear ping and say "Oh my graphical card is done" to a house-mate and you get it out of the oven with those big gloves on. Priceless.