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Questions about OC-ing a 680

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I managed to get my 680 to 1270 stable clocks , any higher and it starts artifacting with black patches. It's the 680 gigabyte OC model with 3x windforce. Power target only goes to max 111%. Max temps with the OC still 65 just like normal.

Is the OC safe if there's no artifacting/freezing ? As in can i use it 24/7? And am i in the safe-zone or even though if it's fine now it can start acting up later?

Also if by some weird event the card fries itself (with this mild stable OC) can i still get the warranty? I mean, most people say that oc-ing voids warranty but at the same time they say noone can tell if you ocd or not. So what's the deal?

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Depends how you tested your OC. If it's stable in 3D Mark 2011 doesnt mean it will be stable in gaming.

So now you should play a game for a couple of hours. I find that Crysis 2 with the DX11 patch is pretty much the ultimate benchmark, if it doesn't crash then it's rock stable.

They won't know you OCed if you used Afterburner. Back in the days before Afterburner people used to flash their Bios with their OC settings and that would void the warranty.
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I'm using EVGA precision instead. So it's not a BIOS flash or anything fancy. I guess it's the same as msi afterburner?

I tested heaven loops/bf3 maxed out on ultra which i suppose is the most demanding game from what i've read around here.
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