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New guy looking for help

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Hello everyone, been trolling this site for quite a bit, i really am very impressed on what users have done with their builds, and yet i would like to do that myself. The main reason why i joined this forum is for me to find the right video card for Diablo 3, been looking at a EVGA GTX 550 cards and they are really nice, only 1 problem cant decide which 1 to get.




these 3 seem to be great, my budget is $150 on a video card for D3, any chance any1 can tell me if this card can run the game on max settings without hiccups?? i'll let u guys be the judges, I am also open to suggestions on other video cards that are better or same value, looking for really good bang for my buck, please help me soon, the game releases in a couple of days =) your help is much appreciated ^_^
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A little looking around showed me the 460 is faster by a large margin (20%-30%) then a 550Ti.
It does require more power then the 550Ti, so check if you meet the PSU requirement.

If your play on full HD, the 550Ti will dip below 60FPS. (source)
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wow, that is really helful, but waaaay out of my price range frown.gif now that i have an idea of what the card is capable of, u think that the 550 SC can run the game on high settings at least?? because $400 is out of my range frown.gif btw just looking to get a single card btw, not wanting to do the whole sli thing right now, need a different mommy board, cuz right now i have a gigabyte ga-m68mt-s2 with amd phenom X2 quad core 2.8 ghz and 4gb gskill with 550w raidmax psu and 1tb hdd, i do have a 5570 radeon, currently not installed, using onboard grafx. point is, will a $150 video card b more than good enough for d3??


as u can see in that link, some1 made post or d3 video card support and unsupported video cards, i saw the gtx 550 as a HIGH video card for the game, at least thats wat is posted. keep in mind my budget is $150 for video card.
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I mentioned the 460, because it's the third of the newegg links you posted. (they generally go for 150$.)

As far as I can tell is the rest of your system good enough to go. D3 doesn't seem to be very CPU intensive. And 4GB RAM is perfect too smile.gif
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cool, only 1 problem, what would be the best single card gpu for d3, not gonna run sli, in your opinion, wuts the best evga gtx for $150??
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just overlooked my choices, and im better off with the 6850 than the gtx 460, gonna upgrade my mommy board in a couple of months and buy another 6850 run them in xfire, and then i will b super happy smile.gif gonna make it official this week fellas, gonna buy the gpu tomorrow if not in 2-3 days =]

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A single 6850 seems to run Diablo III over the 60FPS already. So you won't need to Xfire it in order to enjoy it the fullest.
But, you wouldn't be a OCN member if you wouldn't want more smile.gif

Good luck!
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OMG! this is on sale, u think i should get this badboy??? its in my range smile.gif 7770 cant hurt now, can it??


im pretty sure this thing will run a weee bit better than the 6850. lmk asap plz.
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The 6850 is better then a 460, and in turn is the 460 better then the 7770.
Although the difference is not very big. And since they all come in different flavors (factory overclock, more RAM etc), the margin becomes even more blurred.

You don't need to SLI or Xfire any of them to enjoy D3 on full.
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