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Abit more?
400$ VS 50$?


I got mine for $279... No integrated internet card and the 16 GB verision.

Second, a lot of the discussion in this thread has been directed at the Kindle Fire and Nook Color. Given that they sell for $200 (or as low as $180 if on sale), the price delta is not significant given the huge increase in performance between the two classes of devices.

is 600x1024 good enough for e-text books? It looked like 800x1280 was just cutting it. But the 7in size is just...awesome. Nice to type on and carry around as opposed to 10.1. But frankly, it isn't much of an internet/text book tablet at 7 inches.
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The Kindle is a truly excellent device. One can store effectively an entire library on the small device, meaning it's fantastic for traveling, or anyone who just doesn't like to carry a huge book around. Of course, the Kindle will never quite be as good as the feeling of an actual book (some would say), but you can remedy this sensation by getting a leather cover for your Kindle.

Not only does a cover protect the device (since it's about as deep as a pencil, it's not something that you would want to drop or damage) but it also provides a nicer feeling to your fingers as you read it. While the Kindle is beautifully light (lighter then many paperbacks) a case will add a little weight to it, and this will influence your case buying decisions. Pick something that you really want your case to focus on. There are probably a lot of reasons why you would like a case, but say the main reason that you want a light which can illuminate your Kindle when reading it in less then great lighting conditions.

There are various different devices over at Amazon that can help with this. There are clip on lights like those little book reading light clips that you can buy for a couple of dollars. However, because they have the name 'Kindle reading light' in the name, they shoot up to around $20. Article Source: kindle cover
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The New Kindle Fire Review

The Kindle Fire is Amazon's first foray into the tablet market. Although it is still technically being promoted as an e-book reader, it can actually do a lot more than that. It is a fully functioning 7" full color touch screen device, capable of delivering not only books, but games, apps, video and a lot more. It's a great crossover between e-book reader and tablet, and at a very low cost. This Kindle Fire review will look at some of the main benefits and features of this wonderful device.

How Does the Kindle Fire Compare with Amazon's Previous Kindles?

The biggest difference between the Fire and previous incarnations of the Kindle is the function. The original Kindles (which are still the best e-book readers on the market) performed one function, and that was to enable the user to read books. They do have secondary functions such as on board mp3 players for audible books or music and a basic web browser, but that is all they are.

The Fire is different because it is more like an all in one mobile entertainment center. It takes book reading one step further, and provides a fantastic screen to enable magazine content reading as well.

So far, this Kindle Fire review has covered the basic specs, reading, videos and music. What else could it possibly offer? The other main use people have for their tablets is of course internet access. The Amazon Silk browser is nothing short of amazing and offers smooth and speedy browsing. It also supports Flash, so while your iPad using friends struggle on flash web sites, you'll be displaying them with no problems at all. For complete information you can read at kindle review
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Kindle Cover

There are various different devices over at Amazon that can help with this. There are clip on lights like those little book reading light clips that you can buy for a couple of dollars. However, because they have the name 'Kindle reading light' in the name, they shoot up to around $20.

There are also cases which permit the addition of a light. These cases are fairly cheap to begin with, but once you add that extra light (which is usually sold separately) it can add up. Also, batteries in a light are something that you will also need to deal with, replacing them when they die etc. Most reading lights will probably last around 20 hours of illumination, so depending on how often you read in the dark, this could range from one week, to a couple of months.

Once case that solves this is the official Kindle Lighted cover which includes a light in the case that hooks into the battery. It solves the issue of replacing batteries, as only the Kindle itself needs to be charged. more information about kindle cover review you can visit : Kindle Cover
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Kindle Cover

Kindle cases are currently in high demand, along with the tablet they were designed to safeguard, which is officially called the Kindle e-Reader. The monitor of a Kindle tablet - like that of any computer or computer-like device - is very delicate and should be protected against muck, fluid, dirt, and other potential sources of damage.

Another popular kind of cover is the Kindle Cover with Light. Made in seven colors, it has a light that plugs into the gadget, rather than using a battery. The light lets the person to read in an otherwise inadequately lit setting. More recently, clip - on lights are being offered individually for those who do relatively little reading in the dark. And finally, there is the Marware Eco - Vue Kindle Leather Cover, with a handle in the back into which the user's hand fits snugly, to keep from dropping the tablet. Learn more about Kindle Cover here
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