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hey from the uk

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i have introcuded myself on the AMD part of the forum, bit of a n0ob mistake but hey, its not easy navigating through on an iphone.

so i thought id best do it in here also.

I have Just recently upgraded and came accross the site when looking for overclocking tips, and i must say everybody seems pretty decent.

onto my old rig. it was an e6600 dual core which i had running around 2.9ghz mixed with some xms ddr2 corsair 3gb my original card was a xfx7950gt later upgraded to 9800gtx.

after having a solid system for 6years i found it hard to look at anything else other than intel, but keeping in mind that my first 64bit amd 2700+ was a fantastic machine i couldnt help but look at the new range of AMD, and after reading the reveiws of the bulldozer i wasnt so sure but with having 8cores it is futureproof and was about £50 cheaper than the i500k. so i took the plunge and bought the fx8120 combined with the below.

all was bought when some kind of offer was on

Asrock extream 3 990fx
8gb corsair ddr3 1600mhz
be quiet aftermarket cpu cooler the other problem i have with this cooler is that it takes over 1 of my memory slots :-(
60gb OCZ SSD
backup using a 500gb samsung 7200rpm SATA
MSI 6850 1gb OC version, i was after a 6870 but at £76.99 the 6850 was too good to pass.

picture of the rig below

that is pretty much it, i am hoping to do some amature overclocking as the software that came with the mobo seems pretty straight forward.

im going to have a little nosey round and see what information i can gain



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Welcome. your story about the 2700+ reminds me of my similar experience with the 3500+. Absolutely wonderful CPU's in those days.

I wonder if it possible to rotate your CPU heatsink 90° clockwise and flip the fan to the other side. It might not block your memory slots that way. Also, it seems the fan is now sucking air from above and blowing it over the sink towards your GPU, or am I mistaken?

Speaking of which, what is the temperature of your GPU? My experience with those 8cm fan setup of MSI isn't to sunny.

To end my reply brightly: I love your the blue color of your front bays-locking mechanism match your memory and PSU smile.gif
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yeh the socket 939 was a little gem, i also had a 2000+ 754 which tbh was a brilliant machine.

the computer was built by a pc techy, i havent built one in years and i just dont really have the time at the moment to have a go myself.

looking at the mountin points on the mobo it looks like this was the only option, i may be wrong but he does this all the time so i am guessing he has done it the best way possibly,

The Gcard was on offer with £30 off the RRP so it was a deal i couldnt miss. it didnt have a product picture so it was pot luck what i ended up with and i was a bit dissapointed when it arrived, but reading into it, it gets pretty good reviews and i was happy with the benchmark score. i can always upgrade in a year or so.

i guess the colour coordination was lucky, it also has a big front mounted blue LED fan lol.
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Welcome to OCN.
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:-) thanks
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Welcome to OCN!
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