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Hi all,

Im trying to setup a virtual network for security testing and for running some multimedia applications. I have hit a bit of a snag and was wondering if anyone else had seen the same issue.

I realise this is my first post, but let me reassure you I have researched the problem and cannot seem to find any sort of answer to my problem. I have found a few old threads such as these:

I am running windows 7 professional (64 bit), and my computer is a custom built gaming PC, with an Asus crosshair V formula motherboard with onboard sound. I have had an issue with audio on VirtualBox for the last few weeks on my computer. I have since then attempted to run 3 older versions of VirtualBox, with no luck, then I upgraded my system with the latest version of VirtualBox, windows updates and device drivers from: . The problem still persists.

The problem I have is that whenever I try to run VirtualBox, with any sort of guest OS (either windows xp 32 bit sp3, any linux install or Mac OS snow leopard) sometimes virtualbox freezes without even showing a BIOS or login screen or anything. The virtualbox logs always have the following 2 lines at the very end:
00:00:00.853 Audio: Trying driver 'dsound'.
00:00:00.881 Audio: set_record_source ars=0 als=0 (not implemented)

If I disable sound for the guest OS, it loads up fine, but I cannot hear anything on the guest OS, which kind of defeats the purpose as in most cases I need to do a bit of audio editing or work with video files on my guest OS. Any ideas on why virtualbox is clashing with my audio driver, and what I can do to sort it out (short of getting a new mobo)?