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Won't POST After Cleaning

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My wife cleaned out her computer yesterday. Apparently when she put everything back together she messed up with one of the fans. Being not so knowledgeable with tech, she saw two plugs (3-pin and molex) on the rear exhaust fan and used them both, one in the motherboard (slot labeled PWR_FAN1) and the other connected directly to the PSU. Then the computer was powered on. She said the fans went nuts for a sec, and then she killed the power. Now it won't POST. The fans start up normally after unplugging the molex from the fan, but that's all that happens. Her rig should be the second one in my sig, if you need specs. I'm thinking she may have ruined the motherboard, but I still need to clear CMOS before I can jump to that conclusion.

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Having the fan plugged in with both pwr lines connected should have just killed the fan. Did she see any smoke or odd smell from the PSU? If resetting the CMOS doesn't fix things, unplug power from the wall, and let sit for about 10 mins then try again. If that doesn't work, you may have shorted out the PSU (voltage spike) or possibly the MB, memory or worst case the CPU, though I doubt its that bad.

edit: When you power up the system, unplug all fans except for the CPU.
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