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[Build] "Frosty Dream" NZXT Switch 810 x79 (Complete!)

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Hello everyone,

I have been a forum reader for sometime, but never posted anything here before, but thought I would share this Dream PC of mine. This wouldn't be possible w/out a Lily Teacher Endowment Fellowship that I was awarded for being a H.S. Math teacher (lots more info on that but wont post)

So, I have purchased everything (i think). Everything is HERE!!! I will be updating this thread with pics and progress throughout my build. Thanks everyone for awesome advice through this!

I think it's name is "Frosty Dream"

Case-NZXT Switch 810 white
PSU- NZXT Hale90 1000w 80+ gold
CPU- 3930k
Mobo- Asus p9x79 WS
Ram- Corsair Vengeance 32gb (8x4) quad kit
GPU's- 2xPowercolor 7970 LCS w/ ek waterblocks
HDD-WD 1tb black
SSD- Samsung 830 512 gb
Bluray- LG 12x
O.S.- Windows 7 Professional
Mouse- Logitech G700
Keyboard- Corsair k90
Headset- Sennheiser PC333d
Monitors- 3xDell U2412M
TV - 42" LG 120hz
Realspace Magellan L Desk
Serta Big and Tall Microfiber chair

XSPC 360 Rad
XSPC 240 Rad
XSPC Raystorm CPU block
D5 pump
UV Blue 1/2" x 3/4" tubing
Fittings and etc.

Rough Setup to come:
Pretty much everything minus H2O stuff!!!
Watercooling stuff has arrived!
Raystorm block, ram, mobo, psu all installed!
Leak Testing!
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Now that is one nice setup mate! I've been working on something similar for the past year or so, except I don't have my TV mounted to the wall yet.
Keen to see how you go with the Switch build, been researching the case quite a bit for my next watercooling adventure (which is how I stumbled on to this). Small world by the way, I'm currently studying to become a Maths/Physics teacher! biggrin.gif
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Thats great! I wish you the best of luck and I hope that you LOVE teaching!!

Well have got 99.9% of my stuff, updated some pics, and hope to start building soon.

Just need distilled water, 24 pin sleeved, thermal paste(i think), then should be fully done!
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More pics to come soon! Finishing up soon!
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drool.gif Another switch build. Looking really nice thumb.gif

Question about the rads, are those the thick RX series rads? Reason i ask is because I am doing a WC build soon with the switch I bought last month for $135 shipped off the egg and i am having trouble deciding on a top rad. I am curious to find out how good they work and how hard they are to go into the case/clearance issues.

Sub'd smile.gif
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They are the thick RX series. I got the Extreme Raystorm 360 kit w/ a RX 240 also. You can technically do push pull on the top and bottom rad if you want, but the top bay becomes an issue. To keep mine more clean I am just doing a pull on the top.
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Thanks for the information smile.gif I know exactly what you're talking about when it comes to that top lip on the non removable drive cage. I did watch a video review that was done by overclock3d net which I think he mounted a Phoyba 360 G-changer and it showed that the rad fit just fine in here but top bay looks like it restricts air flow over part of the 3rd fan. On the 420 rad builds that I have seen, they cut it out completely.

Can't wait to see more
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Wowza, this is pretty sweet! That chair...I've gotta have that chair

2012 build
(16 items)
2012 build
(16 items)
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Leak Testing! pics in OP
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Pics Galore! It's Complete! Big thanks to a friend Grant for making sure I didn't screw anything up!
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