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Quick advice on software that comes with the MB for my new build (in my sig)

CPU - I5-3570K
Case - NZXT 210
Ram - G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 8GB (2 x 4GB)
Power - Corsair CX430 - V2
Cooling - Corsair CAFA70
SSD - Crucial M4 SSD
HD - 2.5" WD 500GB
OD - Asus 24B1ST
O/S - Windows 7 Ultimate X64


1. Looks like latest Official Bios is F6 - Is there a newer Beta or should I just go with F6?
2. Is there any software that needs to be installed as part of the initial load of the O/S - I see preinstall drivers for Marvel and Intel
3. What about the other utilities (EZ Setup, tweak launcher, 3dpower, diskmode switch) - Are they really needed?
4. Once I get base system running, I will start Overclock process, any thoughts on where I could reach in terms of overclock