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bios 2.40 with updated orom. Thanks to Garikfox

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What is this updated rom thing? Additional features? smile.gif
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For Intel RST
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Got a question about raid. Not setting it up, but disabling it.
Here is what happened. Sold my 920 and x58 and got the z77 Extreme4 with 3570K. I'm using an Intel X-25V 40GB for boot and have two WD 250GB for storage. I installed Win 7 Pro without the WD's installed. Got everything up and running, then updated to the new (2.40) bios. Works great, superfast, OC's like a champ (4.5 with 1.2 vcore) and runs pretty cool for an IB (upper 60's with a TRUE and Cougars HP's in P/P) Now, after getting everything going, I shut it down, hook the 2 WD"s up and power it back on. Boots to Windows and I get the installing new hardware popup in the lower right...named RAID 0. I didn't set them to raid 0. So I reboot and go to bios. All SATA ports are setto AHCI, not RAID. I never did get the raid stuff uninstalled and finally moved them to the Asmedia SATA 3 ports.

Any ideas on why RAID is being automatically set up? I didn't really mess with it that much but I can't seem to figure it out.


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It is a NH-U12P, thanks!
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should fit smile.gif

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I can confirm that latest bios 2.40 didn't fix the USB 3.0 problems, still "format now" shows up when I use USB 3, but it's fine when using USB 2, thought to let you all know.


I've a question regarding "Safely Remove Hardware" icon, I want to remove it properly and I can't find a good solution, of course I did some googling and research and the answers I've found are :

1- hide through windows notification area - that didn't work !
2- disable cache through device manager - I think I'll lose some useful functions, I don't want to do that !
3- play with SATA or disable it, I don't want to do that !
4- someone said something about disabling "Hotplug" in bios do we have this in bios ? and is it fine to disable it ?
5- some said when you're using a generic driver for the HDDs this icon appear so inorder to remove this you should download the drivers of the HDDs from the manfucturer site, is this fine ? and I'm afraid it does effect my system and storage ?

Please keep in mind, that the drivers show in this icon are not removable/external they are my internal HDDs, SSD and WD Black, I understand this shows because of people call "hot swapping" and other reasons.

Thanks in advance,cheers.
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Sorry, I've another question, I did some googling and some what heavy research on this but I want an answer from here !

What you guys think of disabling the integrated GPU in my case it's Intel HD Graphics 4000 comes with my Intel i5 3570k CPU.

1- should I leave it as it is ?
2- disable it ? and how please ?

Does it have an impact on my system ? I want someone to elaborate please regarding enabling and disabling.

Thanks alot.

Edit : sorry I had to add, of course I've a dedicated GPU and I'm even going to SLI but I've to read more about SLI before doing it as some people say it's nice but it comes at cost ex bugs etc not sure though !.
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Go into the bios and set cpu load line calibration to level 1.
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Hi there guys im having a problem with my asrock z77 extreme 4 everything is working fine back in bios 2.10 but after i updated it to 2.30 my pc wont wake up from sleep unless i replug it from power and then came bios 2.40 which i thought would fix the problem but now my mouse sometimes cant be detected from cold boot but it will work fine when i replug it from the usb port. should i RMA it?
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