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no palm rest is going to help your cramps. lay off the computer ( I know it's hard) for a day or two.
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It's not hard at all. I don't know where you got the impression it was hard for me. I take frequent breaks, and use a stress ball now. Since I improvised the wrist rest and used the stress ball, things have been better. I also don't have such long gaming sessions as well. Like I said before, I'm just looking for a little more insurance and asked about some recommendations, that's all.
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I bought a wrist support that is fingerless and has a splint running along the bottom that sort of forced me to position my wrist properly. I also have a moveable wrist rest that has a teflon bottom so that it moves with my arm. Lastly is a gel and bead filled wrist rest bag that feels pretty good to use and find myself turning to it from time to time. It hasn't ripped on me after years of use and abuse (I like tossing it around and also using it as a stress reliever).

wrist rests:


Wrist splint:


It also helps if you do wrist exercises for strength and flexibility which I find it's better than just relying on wrist rests.

Yes, I own those listed above. The splint was bought at CompUSA though so I'm not sure where else it can be bought.

I don't own these but are more options if you can't find the above:


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Wow, you have all of those? I had a wrist brace once, when I developed RSI from a job I had. I wore those things all the time. I didn't get better till I started my own physical therapy by squeezing the scrub pad after I was done washing dishes. I got better in no time.

Thanks for all your suggestions. I appreciate your feedback.
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