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Korean IPS scaling? Display vs GPU scaling

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This information is out there, but it's scattered across a couple threads and hard to find.

I was thinking about getting one of these korean IPS's, but I'm realizing it's going to cost me alot more for graphics cards in the long run if I can't scale.

1. Do any of them come with a scaler?
2. I am seriously confused about GPU and Display scaling right now.

-No matter the settings I put in the nvidia control panel (I have a GTX560), my display reports a resolution of 1080p
-How does this make sense? If GPU scaling is off then why would I get a 1080p resolution?
-I wanted to compare display vs GPU scaling, but right it seems to always be GPU scaling? what?

3. People are saying GPU scaling looks bad. Can you be more specific?

And before people ask, the reason you would want to scale on a display like this is because you want the full resolution for non-gaming use cases, and are willing to settle for 1080p or so while gaming, so you don't have to buy an expensive graphics card.

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The multi input ones have a scaler. Its not that GPU scaling looks bad its that ANY scaling is not going to be as good as native. If you can keep the aspect ration the same its not going to look horrible. I've personally not even thougth about scaling since LCD came out. Usually if your card is starting to show its age I just turn off AA and maybe a few other things.
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I could've sworn I already replied to this.

People seem to be claiming that the scaling from 1080p looks particularly bad..., but scaling from 720p (perfect 4:1 ratio) works well.
But it seems like 720p would still pale in comparison to slightly blurry 1080p.

This is what I don't understand. I've used scaling before when my past cards were really showing age and it wasn't terrible in games.
Is there something specific about this high resolution or display that make this particularly bad?
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