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Need help to pick a board for my Core i5 3570K

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Recently MC has soo many cheap combos that lead me to setup another new system.
I just had my 960T AMD up 2 month ago.

To pair with my Core i5 3570k
a couple of choices. I will OC and will do some gaming.

ASROCK Z77 Pro4 --like the price cheapest of all
ASROCK Z77 Extreme4
Gigabyte GA-Z77X-D3H

Please help to do a decision, heading there tonight.
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or should I just go for a old i5 2500K with Z77 Pro3 from ASRock?

I really can't tell the differences here.
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From Microcenter, I picked up the i5 3570 and the Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD3H.
Setup was a typical all night'er and went smooth. updating the Bios was a breeze using Gigabytes auto online update. I was even downloading drivers at the same time, Which I didn't need. the drivers on my CD were actually up to date.

I also picked up the Hyper 212 plus and installed with another 120mm fan I had for a push/pull setup. Currently, those are the only fans I have in the case, except for the gpu fans on my CrossfireX HD6850's. I was able to OC to 4.7GHz with auto voltage(1.14V). That's more than enough speed for me. Temps range from 30c to 63c while gaming, RO2 & BF3. My fps increased by 25%+ from the same setup with an AMD 965BE @ 3.8GHz in a DFI 790X MOBO. The salesman tried to up sell me to the 212 EVO but I didn't believe the extra CFM numbers. Besides I was adding a fan that moved more air than the one that comes with the 212 Plus. The 212 Plus was $19.99 after rebate. Stupid Cheap, no way I was passing that up.

Did I mention how quiet this setup is over my last. Wow!!! On a side note, even though the cpu is OC'd to 4.7GHz, while playing some COD WaW, the clock mostly stayed at 1.6GHz. That was a first for me. I haven't had a chance to use it for video rendering yet but I have high expectations. I would have went for the i7 3870 but the combo deal knocked off and extra $60 on the MOBO when purchased with the i5 3570. Hyperthreading isn't needed enough to warrant the extra cost of the chip plus the losing the mobo discount.

The best part is the combo special was for $299.98. It was an in-store pick up only purchase. The closest store was 100 miles away but fortunately, I was going to be in the area on business, so I ordered it with a pay at the store option. they held it for three days for me. This is my first Intel cpu in 10 years. Thanks for the great value MicroCenter!!!

Honestly, I can afford to go in and buy anything I want but what fun is that. The challenge of finding a deal is half the fun and the bragging rights that comes along.
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so u pick the Gigabyte better?
well..still thinking. the Asrock looks better which i think...
only game i play is lol...
my original Q8400 is more than enough...just wanna get better and better... decisions..aw
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