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hey Overclockers.
im kinda new in the overclocking seen so i maybe have some nooby questions.
Im rens im from the netherlands and im 19.
i customise my own pc cases and some of other people and i thought why not overclock them.
i tryed but it is kinda hard sometimes.

my rig.
we start off with the cpu. its a amd phenom II x6 1100T black edition.
Custom v8 coolermaster cpu cooler
motherboard is a asus crosshair formulaV 990 fx
we got 8 gb of corsair xms3 1600 mhz ram
an gtx 560 ti 2gb and 2 hardrives combined 1.2 TB.
and a 750w coolermaster power supply..

i hope you guys could help me to become a good overcloker and ill see you on the forums..
Greetz from the netherlands
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Well hello..........thumb.gif
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Welcome to OCN! Do you have any pictures of your custom cases?
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i have only my scrapheap XD thats just something i put together in 5 minutes.
and i got my redwar thats in the making.

further i dont have pictures from other cases becouse i sold them or give away to friends and such.
Yesterday i uploaded some pictures you can check them out if you want.
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