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Hi All!

I'm new here and i would like to overclock my CPU P4 1.8.

Until now...i don't go over 111 FSB by manual setting (DIP switches!)

My Specs are:
Pentium P4 1.8 Ghz - Willamette 478 (now @ 1.984 Ghz)
Mb ASUS P4b 266 (bios v1010)
2X1 GB Kingstone PC3200 CL3 184 DIMM (voltage 3.3)
HDD: 320 GB Western Digital IDE
Nvidia FX 5700 256 Mb

CPU temp: 45 C
MB temp: 35 C
CPU fan: 3350
Power fan: 2300
Chassis fan: 2400
+12V: 12.096
+5V: 4.999
+3.3V: 3.248
Vcore: 1.712

I'm wanting to OC my CPU with the stock cooler, to get the maximum performance out of my system.
I read that more people push cpu willamette 1.8 speed, up to 2.2 Ghz!
How is it possibile?
I must rise Vcore settings??

I try 125 fsb...bios ok...boot...but don't start operating system (windows 7).

@ 120 fsb...Windows boot and start...but become unstable overall with a strange "direct x" and BSOD! Reboot and so on...

I left 111 fsb...everything ok!
There is a reason why don't start windows or become unstable?

Thanks in advance ;-)