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I hope someone might be able to help me, Im like really desperated and helpless right now frown.gif I bought a new Asrock Z77 Extreme 6 together with an Intel 3770 and a pair of 2x4 8GB of DDR3 Corsair Ram (1600MHZ CL9). I have to this this is not my first Computer I put together, it's like my 10th in over 15 years. But the Asrock wont boot, I also get no monitor signal. Ive left out all components to minimilize errors, so no GPU too, just CPU and RAM connected, monitor via onboard DVI. Doctor Debug always shows the output "3b" which is 36 or 3B from the manual "CPU post-memory initialization. System Management Mode (SMM)initialization" or "Post-Memory South Bridge initialization is started" either it's 36 or 3B, because it shows a small b like in 3b.

I dont really know what to do anymore. Ive tryed CMOS reset several times, putting just 1 RAM into slots 1 2 3 and 4, nothing helps, no memory results in the error code for no memory installed but also no video signal, installed memory results again always in error code 3b.

It is Corsair cmz8gx3m2a1600c9b ram btw , Ive googled and there seems to be no problems with that ram at all, so I dont think it's the ram causing this problem. I have an "older" psu, an Enermax Liberty ELT500AWT but from the stats it should be fine, it has enough ampere on the 12v line (22A 12v1 and 22a 12v2 with together 32A), also I dont have anything else connected, no GPU, no HDDS, so power should be more than enough to boot the system.

I also put the CPU out and in again.

Any help would be great frown.gif