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I measured this (power consumption of the whole PC, substracted 20% losses at PSU, idle at 1600MHz in all cases):

3570K Default: Idle 68W, IBT 118W
45x at 1,25V: Idle 73W, IBT 160W, CNB 126W, Prime small FFTs 138W
46x at 1,30V: Idle 77W, IBT 173W

Increasing idle voltage from 1 to 1,25V means only 5W increase. I think this means no problem at all and processor can run at increased voltage all the time (somebody on our local forum expressed concern, that having increased voltage all the time stresses the CPU) .

We also see that power draw at reasonable stress of CNB of overclocked processor (45x) is almost the same as the one of an extreme IBT load at default settings.

Except from the stupid paste and temperatures, I quite like this processor...

Intel, come on, did you really put a paste in a special line of processors intended for overclocking??? Was it some kind of brain short circuit or what???