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i just built my new corsair rig and its AMAZING im going to post pics soon
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Im sorry I uploaded soo many of them I was posting from my droid
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Nice setup, what case is that? Nice cable management too smile.gif

Also where is your cool air coming from for that rad? You don't want that GPU's warm air being sucked up.

Other than that looking good thumb.gif +rep
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i have two corsair high static pressure fans on the RAD one on the front and one on the back, i also have two more fans in the front of the case along with a 200mm side case fan and those fans are controlled with a fan controller installed on the case. the settings are low medium and high. right now their on low, but the corsair fans on the RAD are blowing some serious air right now i have amazing exhaust . after installin the H-60 i seen a Mhz jump onmy processor right now im getting in between 3444 mhz and 3450 mhz and thats without it over clocked yet. I also used IC7 thermal compund too.
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Awesome, should be fairly easy to get that chip overclocked then smile.gif if you need any help getting it overclocked we can help, seen as you got H60 on it temperatures shouldn't be a problem
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I just installed a new MOBO the gigabyte ga-990fxa-ud3 board and my cpu temps in the bios says im getting 19 degrees celcius.. im still running my h60 liquid cooler and reapply the ice seven diamond thermal paste when i installed my new mobo.. im just curious if that reading in the bios is accurate.. if it is can that damage my cpu
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Should be. Leave it for a few minutes to check if the temperature values increase/decrease. Then double check with HWMonitor within Windows.

You'd know if the cooler isn't making good contact, instant freezing, fans would go crazy and your NB and VRMs would increase in temperature also.

Also depends on your case temperature and also your ambient room temperature, so should be right reading thumb.gif
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thank you for getting back with me i really appreciate it that.. Seems to me that things are fine, "like you said" maybe that board is just a better board than what i thought.. i have Hw mon running right now im gonna take some quick snips of it and let you see.. but ive had this pc runnin games like there's no tomorrow.. ill be getting my ssd in the mail today so another reformatre of windows will be taking place some time soon today smile.gif but here is the screen shot of my Hw mon..
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Looks about right smile.gif just under or close to ambient temperature.

By the way looks like you've got HWMonitor Pro installed? Uninstall it and get the standard version as it's locked out some values smile.gif
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