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Very awesome!! Thank you for responding to it.. Super glad about you responses.... i was just a little worried about my temps being too cold, but it seems that the cpu cant be to cold especially if im using it towards gaming... I just never had temps that low when i first installed my H60 cooler. it just came to a major shocker to me when i put this new Ga-990fxa-ud3 Rev 3.0 board in, and then reapplied my thermal paste a little differently (the pea sized dot method) then attached the cooler block.. but ive been running the pc steadily.. gaming for hours straight.. runnin greatttt.. especially with this new kingston ssd.. still a lil worried about OC my Processor but i may get a little carried away and do it.
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I wouldn't be worried about overclocking, as long as you know the upper limits of the voltages and temperatures you'll be fine wink.gif of course your temperatures will increase once you overclock but that's why you've got water cooling on the thing! wink.gif

Just make sure you can monitor the temperatures for your motherboard (SB, NB, VRMs, usually it'll show one temperature for all those).

Also download CPU-Z so you can monitor and check your voltages for your CPU.
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i just uprgraded my cpu from the 6100 to the 8150 fx 8 core.. One question? Why does this one get hotter than the other one.. its not a major jump in temp increase its just a little hotter than the six core. at idle in the bios my temps are at 29 under load for the 8150.. but when im running two games at the same time temps jump up to around 45. witch i know it will do that since i'm running two games at the same time.. does it have something to do with the six core being energy sufficient and only running at 95 watts where as the 8 core runs at 125 watts?
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Where did you buy it from? Seriously I'd return it and go for the FX-8350 in this case if you are upgrading. Reason? Cooler, less power consumption, a lot quicker.

But to answer your question it's an 8 core (well, 4 modules) so it's bound to get hotter. Plus as you mentioned it's now outputting 125W rather than 95W, so that's an extra 30W your cooler has to deal with.

Also the 6 core isn't energy efficient, it's just running at 1) lower power consumption 2) lower clock speeds. Your 8 core will always output more heat due to there being more of them; especially at higher clocks smile.gif
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