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You should have Gigabytes own utilities to monitor temperatures as well. Go by the actual CPU temperature instead of the individual cores. Individual cores will always be lower and AMD rates the maximum temperature of the whole chip.

I use HWMonitor and ASUS's own AI Suite to monitor voltages and temperatures to make sure they match.

I also wouldn't monitor with AMD OverDrive at all, disable it from starting up as it could well interfere with your overclock.

On your screenshot find out what TMPIN0, TMPIN1 and TMPIN2 locates to because the maximum temperature looks very high. On the Gigabyte utilities there should be a monitoring application to monitor the VRMs and CPU.

Also on HWMonitor I can see the maximum voltage of your CPU VID is 1.44, which is high.

Write down all your settings in your BIOS and show some screenshots and readings from a couple of monitoring utilities so we know whats going on. I would recommend using two monitoring utilities.
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When do the multiplier x18 and redo prime 95 I should disable the sleep mode on my pc? Cause when Idid it the pc went into sleep mode, thinking that caused the error ?
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Yeah more than likely, sleep mode puts the CPU into a low powered state mode so probably caused a problem.

Disable sleep mode because you'll want to prime for a couple of hours. Check the OC for about 30 minutes, then up the OC because you probably can easily reach 4Ghz. Do a proper prime check when your satisfied with the OC.

I use this for everyday use:
FSB 200
CPU VID 1.393 (vcore 1.35)
CPU NB 1.18750
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uI remember when I went into my bios my vcore was at 1.41 so when I mess with the cpu nb and the cpu vid my vcore should be near 1.35? But I couldn't change my vcore cause it was Grayed out, but I need to take a little break from it and have a couple beers its a little nerve racking lol:rolleyes:
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In the BIOS by the voltages you should have either "Offset mode" with a + or - sign, change that to manual.

Not vcore, change CPU VID. vcore is the actual voltage being fed into it.

On overclocking in the BIOS it should be at the bottom of the page. take some screenshots and we will have a look at what your BIOS is like smile.gif
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i just took some screen shots of my bios just now so heres what they look like smile.gif
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Ah right your BIOS is different to mine.

So from the top

CPU Frequency (mhz): 200
PCI-E Clock (mhz): Leave this on auto at all times, don't mess with it
HT link: leave at auto
HT Link frequency: I would decrease this to 2000mhz for the moment, your board may be able to handle it at 2.4Ghz, but for now keep it lower so it doesn't effect your OC.
DRAM E.O.C.P: disable
Set memory clock: manual, so set it to 800mhz

System voltage control: manual so you can edit the voltages
CPU PLL: leave it on auto, I think the default is 2.5 if I remember correctly.
DRAM voltage control: leave it on auto, doesn't need touching unless you want to overclock your RAM
DDR VTT: auto
NB voltage: set to 1.1
HT Link voltage: 1.2
NB PCIe PLL: auto
CPU NB VID control: 1.18750 (default is 1.1750)
CPU Voltage control: 1.35

So with voltages the only voltage you will need to touch at the moment after setting the above values is the CPU Voltage control (aka CPU VID). CPU Vcore at the bottom tells you the actual voltage being fed to the CPU.

After changing the values restart and go straight into the BIOS to check the CPU Vcore. It will probably hover around 1.29/1.30
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okay here it is, i tried setting to those values the best that i could so here are some screen shots of pc health status in the bios and this is at 3.8 ghz
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Turn down the CPU/NB to 1.18750.
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I did it and it brought my cpu temp down to 29 degrees is that good did I do this right this time.can I over clock my processor to 4 GHz now:D
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