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Looks OK at the moment. Your CPU Vcore is around 1.35 on your second screenshot.

Make sure you get your CPU/NB down to 1.18750 not 1.8 smile.gif you'll have a warning colour like shown. Your values will be coloured in WHITE. Values shouldn't show up in red.

Then your good to test for 30 minutes.
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Yeah make sure your voltages are exactly like this to the decimal place:

CPU VID 1.35
CPU/NB 1.18750

You may as well go straight for the 4Ghz seen as most boards can do it without any voltage increase. x20, you may need to increase your CPU VID a bit.

If prime fails increase the CPU VID in steps. So 1.35, then 1.36250, 1.3750. Don't let the CPU VID get past 1.4.

Check your vcore and it should be below 1.4 at all times, doesn't need to be high for this OC.
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im going to take another screen shot for you to make sure i did everything right
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Alright good smile.gif I'll list some settings you should stick to, considered safe

CPU VID: 1.35-1.4 for 24/7 use
CPU/NB 1.750 - 1.2
NB 1.100 (never change this value)
HT Link: 1.2 (don't change this)

CPU: don't let it reach 65c, keep it under 60 if you can.
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wow i really appreciate your help on doing this i couldnt of done this with out you!! okay heres the new screen shot and i have set at x20 right now so the temp is about 2 degrees more than before but its still in the 30 degree range..
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Thats no problem. Settings look fine.

Reboot and use prime. If you get an error or your computer freezes it just means you need more voltage on the CPU VID.

So prime error or freezing just reboot, and up the voltage on the CPU VID by one step, so + once. Reboot and prime, same happens go back and increase a bit more.

You want to find a stable voltage. Remember don't go over 1.4, you should be able to get stability without much voltage changes.

Every chip and every board is different, so doesn't mean a specific voltage will work, its all about trial and error.

Prime will usually find an error or your computer will freeze pretty quickly. You'll know if its stable after 3 hours of "Blend Test" and everything is fine.
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awesome!! im going to run prime, and i will get back with you and again thank you biggrin.gif
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No problem, happy overclocking biggrin.gif

I will be off soon so will post back when I can. Save your settings or write them down and go back to original until you know your overclock is 100% stable. You'll usually know its stable after 3/4 hours, prime stresses your CPU to the max, you'll never see your temperatures that high in any other application, as long as its under 60c your fine.

Make sure you monitor the temperature of both CPU (as a chip, not the individual cores) and motherboard. And keep an eye on the voltages, if your vcore spikes past 1.4 don't bother continuing the test because over 1.4 isn't necessary for 24/7 smile.gif

CPU VID is the only voltage you need to increase if your OC is unstable for the moment.
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I'm going to send another screenshot. Of hw monitor
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heres my hw mon shot
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