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The CPU Vcore shows 1.41 and TMPIN temperatures are quite high.

Do you also have the Gigabyte Utilities installed? Came with the disc, it'll give a direct temperature reading from your motherboard, we are after your CPU temperatures, vcore voltages and also the VRM temperatures.
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i was running prime 95 with the hw monitor on and it said self test passed... so heres another screen shot because i stopped prime 95 so heres what it looks like with out prime running and gigbyte doesnt have any utility monitoring programs so i have to stick with hw monitor
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OK right that makes sense.

I am a bit concerned on TMPIN at the top, their max values seem very high.

Do you have active cooling over your VRMs? Square chips to the left of your socket. You want to find out what those TMPIN values are from before stress testing your OC.

In your BIOS your CPU will be working 100%, let it run for 10 minutes and see what the motherboard temperature is, should be there somewhere.
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well i just restarted my pc and went into the bios cause i think i get a more accurate reading from the bios it self, so it told me the system temp was at 33 degrees and the cpu is at 31 degrees
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33c is decent temperature.Gigabytes phases are pretty durable so you should be fine. Besides at the moment your overclock isn't major so they're not going to heat up dramatically anyway smile.gif

If you are going to be going for a high OC (4.4Ghz+) I would consider a small fan over them just to help. But at the moment I wouldn't worry.

After you've tested prime for few hours once you've found a stable oc go straight into BIOS to see the temperature, or open the case up and touch the VRMs to see how hot they are.
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im a little worried about running prime 95 for that long, i ran it for 30 min and it said i pased the self test, but my processor temps were extremely!! hot devil.gif but after i let the pc relax the temps were back to normal at the 30 degree mark, i think i finally have a stable OC. Im happy at 4ghz so i thik im going to leave it.. The only reason why i wanted to OC my cpu is so i can get decent play times and fps on GTA IV, thats why i upgraded my MOBO and my CPU, ow i have to upgrade my Video card because the ati 5400 HD doesnt cut it you know
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How hot does it get? I wouldn't say 30 minutes is long enough to be sure its stable, but that is a pretty decent start.

What vcore is it at?

What case and heatsink have you got. I would invest in a better case and heatsink if you are going to do some overclocking. Good cooling is essential regardless.
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well i just got a blue screen error, so i guess its not stable frown.gif i have cooler master centurion 5950 with a v8 cooler master heat sync, ummm should i crank down the volatges or crank them up i dunno what to do now the blue screen scared me
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cooler master centurion 5? So it has 1 front and 1 rear fan? Power supply at top? Your heatsink is good, but I don't think you have enough cool air entering the case for your temperatures to drop. The BSOD probably said Secondary clock not received, isn't anything bad. With overclocking you will experience errors, unstable means it isn't calculating correctly. It could mean your temperature was too high.

To get it stable you increase the voltage by one step at a time. So + once, then restart and prime again. If an error occurs you increase again. CPU Vcore shouldn't go over 1.4.

I would first see if you can get some more airflow in your case, your temperatures want to be as low as possible, under 60c at all times whilst stress testing with prime. Because more voltage means more heat
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well the vcore keeps changing it say 1.36 then at the very max it says 1.41 soo i guess that isnt supposed to be at 1.41 but the nb is at 1.33 v and my temps are around 30-33 deegres, but when i use prime my temps go crazy like 60 to 70 then jujmps up like 100+ its crazy, i remebr when u said if the vcore hits at 1.4 i need to stop prime and thats what i did, i also heard that the 990 boards can go up to 4ghz and i have the 970 boards wont hit that high and i have the 970a-ud3 board, so i just dropped the overclock form 4gh to 3.8?? soo i dunno if i should change the nb voltage or just run prime and let it do its thing, but with them temps that i was seeing from hw mon with prme running it scared me to death so what do you think i should do? frown.gif
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