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I wouldn't advise running prime just yet. Need to sort out whats happening because those temperatures are high and so is the vcore.

You said the NB is at 1.33? The NB or the CPU/NB? They are two different controllers. The NB (northbridge) should be at 1.100. The CPU/NB (Cpu northbridge) should be at 1.1750 (this is the default). In your BIOS it'll be called Northbridge voltage Control. And the CPU/NB will be called CPU NB VID control. Make sure these are the values above.

I also have the 970 chipset and the max OC I have see around is 4.3Ghz. I am running 4Ghz with a vcore of 1.344 at the moment with minimal voltage increase. I think the 970 chipset can handle only so much unfortunately.

Looks like vcore is increasing on load, you could try dropping your CPU Voltage to 1.30, so your vcore should jump up to 1.35. Change CPU/NB to 1.1750 instead of 1.18750, it'll help with heat for the moment.

Before you run prime whats your case airflow like? Where are your fans located and what models are they? Your heatsink is good enough but sounds like its just sucking in warm air from your other components.
Have you got good cable management? Thing is the FX really do get toasty when overclocked, and adequate case airflow is key to get these things cool.
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i just opend the side of my case and i have a fan in the front and a fan in the back, unfortunatly my room is the hottest rom in the house i really cant do to much to fix that, i just reset the bios back to its deafualt but i can redo it it again, the cpu nb was at 1.33, and the cpu vid was at 1.187 but i took a pic of the inside of my case so heres hat it looks like
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The CPU NB needs to be at 1.1750 (default) and CPU VID will undervolt according.

I assume your front fan is on the bottom, so no cool air will get there because of your cables by the looks of it.

Is your cooler the right way around so that it is exhausting to the rear? Do you have a bottom filter for the power supply? Because fan facing down is usually the best option.

Your video card isn't going to make much heat so it looks like your cables are obstructing the only intake fan in your case. Can put an intake fan up a bit so its in line with the RAM or on the side?

Yeah room heat will make a big difference unfortunately.
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i just moved the cables around and i have a laptop cooling pad on the side of it i can try to move the intake fan from the front to the side or i can take the front of the case off, herers what my bios setting look like now and im getting 1.38 for max vcore.
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sorry heres the other
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Wouldn't bother taking front of the case off. So CPU/NB is at 1.1750, and vcore is lower. You should be able to get stable at that, but bit concerned about your cooling for it.

1x side, 1x front fan and 1x rear is good, more intake than exhaust. You'll need an empty area at the front and side so cool air will come in.

I would try checking your fan models, because if they're low rated CFM it may not be adequate.
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yeah my fans suck frown.gif but i do have the side of the case off i dont think i have enough room with that v8 heat sync to install an additional fan on the side but i can probably put some more in the fron or move the one in fron to the actually i do have enough room for one more fan i also have a laptop cooling pad on the top of my case soo i dunno
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Do you have any vents at the top? For the front, what I do is just use cable ties if there is no mounts tongue.gif bit of creativity!

If you can't install the fan on the lower bottom I usually install them on the outside of the case. Quality case fans make all the difference.

I would save up and look around for decent case fans before going too high overclocking. Also having your side panel off is worse, because you want to trap the air and force it in one direction.
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thats not a bad idea, i keep watching hw monitor and its throwing temps at me like 69 and 80 degres at the max its kinda scaring me should i just go back to factory deafualts
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If thats when running prime then yeah I would go back to default clock. Should be on the main menu of the BIOS load default configuration.

I would see if you can get some other cooling or even a different case. Not just for overclocking but cooling in general. Doesn't need to be expensive, just needs to be a suitable airflow route
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