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its giving me that when i dont have prime running so i should go back to the deaulfts then huh
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At idle, those temperatures can't be reporting correctly. Did you used to monitor your temperatures with original configuration?
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see thats what i thought, thats weird huh, but whe i go into the bios it say system temp at 33-35 degrees and cpu temp at like 30-33 degrees which one should i belive?? the bios or hw mon?? lol i think i should belive the bios
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If temperatures are jumping around then sounds like HWMonitor is reading incorrectly. BIOS is most reliable.

But when running prime I would monitor the temperatures, can't think of any other monitor apps off the top of my head
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Download EasyTune 6, gigabytes own utility, it has a HWMonitor on there.
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sooo with the them temps in the bios then my system should be pretty cooled right??
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Yeah your temperatures could well be fine if HWmonitor is reporting incorrectly. Although better safe than sorry smile.gif
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ohhhh thats what that is,,, duhhhhh i already had installed just didnt now how to open the darn program duhhh feel like a id10T lol sooo im gonna go back into the bios and redo the overclock settings
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Yeah thats Gigabytes utility! winksmiley02.gif

It should be more accurate because well, its their own board! tongue.gif should read directly from the probe, fingers crossed it'll be accurate.
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im gonna send a screen shot over to you of esy tune 6
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