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hewre it is
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Right those temperatures are fine.

So vcore is about 1.320 on that graph, so the set CPU VID is 1.410. Keep that open and run prime for 10 minutes, and report back the temperatures and voltages of the CPU VID and vcore so we know the system isn't trying to automatically change it.
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lol prime scares the hell outta me
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Yeah I don't like prime either, works the CPU like mad biggrin.gif as long as you watch the heat and voltages its fine, chips are meant to be worked hard.
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right now prime running for 3 min system temp at 39 cpu temp at 43
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Keep an eye on the temperatures. Let prime run for 3 hours at least.

CPU limit: 60c - if it goes over and keeps rising this is too hot
System temp: I would say under 50

Prime may fail after 10 minutes, it may fail after 1 hour. Its just about patience with overclocking.
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ok ill let it run for 3 hours the worker is still working system temp at 39 and cpu temp at 43-44
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Alright not bad, keep an eye on it.

If you get a prime error, blue screen or system freeze increase the vid so the vcore so is increased by 0.1 every time it fails, so 1.33, then 1.34, 1.35 etc etc.
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ok i have gotten many blue screen errors and i redid the vid voltages and i dont know what else to do frown.gif im stuck
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Right what vcores you tried?

You should be stable at around 1.35/1.36 vcore.

Heres my settings that I use (mind I have LLC):
CPU NB 2200MHZ @ 1.1750
HT 2400MHZ
Cpu vid: 1.4 LLC medium
Cpu vcore 1.344/1.354

Doesn't mean it'll work for you, but worth a shot.
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