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ok on easy tune 6 i have a quick boost feature, whell i restored my factory defaults in the bios, then i clikced the quick boost number 1 feature whcih is 4.00ghs now my cpu vid is reading at 1.36v, and i was priming with my cpu vid at 1.41 thats probably why it was blue screening but right now im running prime 95 hers the newscreen shot for my neweasy tune 6 settings this may look more stable to us but im running prime 95 and my cpu temp is at 47 and my system temp is at 36
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i dunno what to do !!!!!! im getting aggrivated prime 95 said fatal error rounding was 0.5 expected less than 0.4 i dunno, this is starting to suck, im starting to belive i can oc, but why would i be able to oc if prime is saying that there is a fatal error, maybe prime 95 is wrong, maybe i dunno, im at a major loss
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OK that's better. No idea why your CPU VID was at 1.41, but that looks better.

A higher CPU VID wouldn't cause a BSOD, more voltage = more stable. At 1.36 it should be stable.
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im actually starting to belive that i should of been using gigabytes own util. all of long, i believe that i am stable, it seems to appear that way as of right now confused.gif
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i really do appreciate all the help, its made it so much easier for me to understand, and i really didnt think it was going to be so advanced but it is biggrin.gif thank you so much
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Still prime check it because software overclocking is the most unreliable. A lot of users on here will tell you same thing.

Setting values in the BIOS gives you full control over frequencies and voltages so you can fine tune your system.

Software can set wrong values, or too high values.

Try read ovet that link in previous pages, better to understand what things mean so you know what to look out for, what voltages are considered safe etc.

OC is hard to understand but once you understand what means what things make sense.
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That's no problem smile.gif

Yeah it is hard to understand but once you get it overclocking can be fun biggrin.gif
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Im having a hard time trying to get my normal vcore settings down to 1.34 / 1.35 how would i go about that again
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Are you using the OC with the settings applied? Do you mean on idle (not running prime or any heavy loading tasks) the vcore is still high?

Have you re-enabled the power saving settings? APM, core c6 state, cool n quiet, C1E.

Leave turbocore off
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ok i dont have turbo core any where in my bios settings the pwoer saving settings are disabled, i stopped using the easy tune 6 over clocking program because its not really the right way to clock, i messed up when i said i need to change the vcore.... i ment to say that i need to manually change the cpu vid to 1.33 or 1.35 etc but the vid setting still stay the same 1.41 and i really dont know how to change that to make it right. soo i keep the power saving settings off and my multiplier x20 my drma at 800 mhz my frnt side bus at 200 mhz my cpu nb voltage at 1.1875 and you said my cpu volatge is my cpu vid?? so if my cpu volatge is my cpu vid then whats the cpu nb vid voltage thats in my bios??? because if we go back in the previous posting of me posting screen shots of my bios i have them both cpu voltage and cpu vid voltage maybe we should start from scratch again but im starting to understand that when my cpu vid increases my overclocking becomes more stable, but i cant change m,y cpu vid for some reason it wants to stay at 1.41 totaly dont know why
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