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Sorry to neccro this, but I was researching on some base settings to go with...

After mimicking those photos on this thread, I was able to achieve a stable overclock of 4.5 with a 1.216 Vcore. I am sitting on highest core being 72c at 100% in prime 95 for 24 hours. thumb.gif

Very happy with the performance vs heat ratios, I don't think my original goal of 4.8 is really attainable unless I have some help here...

Here are my stats:
Asus P8Z77-V Pro (latest bios)

Corsair XMS 3 - 16gb kits (2 for a total of 32GB)

2- Intel 520 (120GB) Cherryville (Originally was going to do a raid0 but decided against it after I realized how screwed up things got OC'ing.) mad.gif

Asus GTX670 DirectCU II

CM Storm Trooper (AMAZING CASE IMHO) =
I took my bays in the case and reversed and turned them to have the fan bays slide in backwards (not intended but works), so I have 2 fans blowing directly across board/video card.(center area Fof case) Major improvements in temps. I was at ambient temps at all times. (75-78F)

Corsair H100 (non i) - with Diamond Thermal Paste rice pattern down center (thinner rice I call it.) Didn't apply it heavy/thick like I see in most pics, seems like too much and doesn't help from personal experience on my older 960 i7 I oc'ed to 4.2 stable and cool smile.gif I also did a push pull with fans (4 total).

I have replaced all the fans in the case with the Corsair SP-120 (6 total) and AF-140 (1 - rear ) this includes the H100.

1200W Cosair (overkill but I wanted deg-ration ability and still pull a solid 1000W)

Let me see what else? LOL. Anyhow I want 4.8 with below 90c at all times (24/7 profile). I would like to skype and I'll even offer some money via paypal if we get it dialed in right. smile.gif

I got a decent amount of technical skill but still SO LOST when it comes to OC'ing... I don't remember the settings and what they do... And guides just lose me... LOL
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Anyone who can help?
I can get 3.9ghz... but I want 4.4-4.5 for certain... I know this chip is capable, Just need some help adjusting / fine tuning things. smile.gif
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I have mine currently running at 45x100 oc 24/7 have pushed it up to 5ghz for benchmarks but then would drop it down to either 45 or 46 oc.
I have an asrock extreme 6 mobo so some of the settings are a little different.
Vcore is at 1.200
Pll overvoltage is 1.73
Turbo voltage is +0.05 (probably could leave this on auto)
Llc is set to level 3 ( on asus mobo setting is medium)
Offset is -0.10.
My memory is overclocked to 2133mhz timings cas9-10-11-28
In advanced I turned off a couple c states think it was c3, c6 I'm at work ill have to check properly. But up to 48 oc leaving these on auto didn't effect stability it was only needed going past 49.
I also have the coolmaster storm trooper love the case it's on custom water. :-)
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The guides can be a little scary at first but once you understand the terminology it does get a lot more easier I promise. I learnt by reading guides and videos initially and have never looked back. What are you having trouble with??
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