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TTesports Ladon: G-TF Speed Watch Out

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This pad is hard to find. I finally found a chinese reseller on Amazon and I am happy to say, this is a sweet pad.

Very strange surface, but very slick glide. When I first handled the thing unboxing...I thought there was no way I was gonna get a smooth glide on this surface. I'm very happy to say it's slightly slicker than a G-TF Speed. It also has a slight but significantly deeper cushion than the Speed. You can 'push in' for a little more control when you need it.

The pad itself: I think they went with the idea that less contact = smoother glide. The surface is about 50/50 very tiny, rounded hashes (1mm? maybe) made of a slightly hard material, and empty space ontop of something close to a quarter-inch of padding. The grip on the bottom is servicable rubber and doesn't move regardless of surface. It's about 2 inches shorter than a Speed length-wise and height-wise. I only tested it with my EC1, so I can't give any information as to how this surface works with a laser mouse.

For me, this is an upgrade from a G-TF Speed. And that's saying alot. Both are fantastic pads, but if you got 20 bucks to blow, get yourself a Ladon and retire your Speed.
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Just a quick update. The Ladon does have a little bit of a quirk. After prolonged gaming sessions, the surface of the pad starts to 'bubble' away from the cushioning of the pad. It became quite pronounced by the 5th day at the location where the heel of the hand rests on the pad (if you play that way). It becomes quite annoying and unusable. I set my Ladon aside for a couple days and used my Speed instead. Went to check on my Ladon today...no bubble!

Heat or moisture seems to make the odd surface on the Ladon swell temporarily over time. Downer, cause this is the slickest soft-pad I have ever tried.
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Thanks for updating. I think I'll stick with the GTF Speed.
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Yeah, the G-TF Speed is awesome and consistent. The Ladon has a better glide...but surface acts weird after a couple hours of gameplay. G-TF speed is still great, but it seems like someone should be able to optimize what ttesports has started here. The apparent problem is that the surface of the Ladon is not actually connected to the padding outside of the stitching on the edges.

Here is what I think is happening: As you play and dig into the pad, the bottom of the pad draws inwards a little bit progressively over time. As the surface is not connected to the cushioning of the pad outside of the stitching around the edges, you get bubbles. I had a bubble just now, picked up the Ladon, rolled it on both axis's a couple times and placed it back down. No bubbles.

Still worth 20 bucks, and still a king glide pad...but definitely has a major detractor. The pad surface needs to be bonded to the cushioning in the Ladon to prevent this weird bubble issue...
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