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Thanks squidman,

The name BlackenedTush came together based on several on-topic concepts (and some others):
  1. Firstly, I cut my teeth on Macintosh and was a love/hate fanatic of Macs for years. And actually my original concept for this build was a dual-boot hackintosh/PC with a single OC'd i7. So I was looking for a deviant name that sounded similar.
  2. Then as I saw the need for cores & started working on this beast, I got several pics in my head... it's such a big mobo & it's got a hulking black case. It reminded me of several automotive projects I'd worked on. I easily pictured looking into the case and then in my minds eye seeing under the hoods of my old MGA 1600 and '65 Ford Mustang - nothing but a sea of black greasy shapes... and I pictured sliding out from underneath them with my back side graced with black oil stains... Lloyd gets the car analogy.
  3. And one of my ancestors immigrated from Norway in 1901. The story is told that as a poor young boy in the swamplands of Minnesota USA, he had only one pair of pants. One day he desperately wanted to go out and play. But he was waiting pants-less while his mother was mending that pair. He kept bugging her to hurry. Finally she said, "Well then, why don't you just sverte ræva og gå naken", which roughly means "paint your bottom black and run naked". I always liked that story. And I was similarly impatient to build this beast while it had its early posting, video, and memory issues.
  4. Finally, some perfect metaphors sealed the deal after I'd already named it:
    "it really burned my A**" (the frustration I'd felt at my early problems)
    "I really got my A** burned" (the fear that maybe I'd spent so much on just a boat anchor)

So yeah.. BlackenedTush. thumb.gif
One day I'll try to add to my list... like maybe eat a lot of beans and get out the matches... biggrin.gif
But seriously, I smile whenever I think of the now mighty BlackenedTush and how long it takes to render something at school.

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Thanks Jann... good stuff. It's always good to validate things
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Latest info: I also managed to get DDR3 to run @1866 MHz with Z9PE D8 WS BIOS #5004 and two Xeon E5 2697 v2 QS CPUs.

So far so good.

However, the timings had to be auto-read from the SPD, as they are completely messed up in the BIOS setup. Unfortunately, the timings are too low (I guess the SPD read-out was not for 1600 MHz) so after couple of hours I get a machine check exception.

Like I said before, I observed the corrupted timings in the BIOS setup also with BIOS #5003 and Sandy Bridge EP so I am not entirely sure if this has anything to do with the Ivy Bridge EP at all.

Tonight I will also try Z9PE-D16, as I intend to keep that board with Ivy Bridge EP since it has 2x more memory slots. However, Z9PE-D16 does not have memory overclocking control (voltages and such) but it does allow setting DDR3 speed to 1866 MHz. I am going to try flashing the SPD timings and voltage directly on the DDR3 sticks, but right now I am not sure if that works at all and if the board will accept them...
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About the PSU... The collective knowledge of this forum really is pretty informal and is ever changing. Nobody I've noticed has taken the time to try to compile and verify a blessed list of what has worked for us with what combinations of parts. And what makes it more difficult is that most of the experience here isn't based on scientific tests. And even tho there are lots of very smart people here, we all have difficulty trying to interpret much of the less than stellar manual. And probably a good percentage of us have been burnt trying to get answers from ASUS tech support. I've actually gotten my hard won experience from trying stuff out, from posts in this forum, from the Corsair RAM guy, and a couple of doods named Chris from EVGA support.

When we do think we have good answers, they aren't validated as being correct by ASUS, so your mileage may vary.

You just gotta read a lot and see what has worked for peeps.

I like my Corsair 1200AX active PFC PSU, It's worked very well for me. But then again I disabled hibernation. Now lloyd has the same PSU as I but has his hibernation enabled. He findas that it won't work correctly. But when he recently swapped the Corsair with his server-quality non APFC Antec, that seems to have fixed the problem. But the reasons why this occurs aren't clear yet. I have my hunch; but not being an engineer, I could be off. It would seem to me that if you picked his Antec PSU, you'd probably be making a solid choice all around.

As for RAM, I threw out gobbs of candid opinion early in this topic. My main point that I'd argue 'till I was "black in the tush" is that kits are the only way to go when using today's DDR3 RAM, especially on this complicated board. I'd also say that it doesn't make much sense to get any less than a 4 channel kit, since the spec says that the board supports it.

If you look at the Specifications Summary in the manual (which you should), it looks like you have a choice to populate up to 256GB when using registered RAM; but then you're limited to 1600MHz. And supposedly you are able to OC up to 2133MHz with non-registered RAM if you stay below 64GB (but you'd definitely need good overclocking RAM to do so and I'm not sure I saw any on the QVL (maybe the G Skill). Your mileage may vary. If you do refer to the QVL (like you are supposed to) you may be as confused as I was. First, it is far from exhaustive or definitive. Second, you will see the column heading "Size" which is arguably confusing. Sometimes the RAM listed below it will display a kit capacity like this: "32GB (4x 8GB)". That is great & easy to understand. But sometimes it will say something like "4GB". Which I think I've found to mean the capacity of just 1 stick; but that doesn't tell you the config they tested it with. Was it really just 1 stick? And will an 8 x 4GB kit configuration work? We can only assume. My 64GB kit wasn't even on the QVL. It's Corsair Vengeance quad-channel CMZ64GX3M8A1600C9. The only other Corsair Vengeance RAM I saw were smaller (32GB) kits with slower CAS latency. But mine works well.

Now the Bios has kind of an overclocking pedigree, offering a plethora of settings for CPU and RAM; but it's overkill because it lets you set RAM timing on three levels (but who does that besides overclockers & some gamers?). Plus XEON CPUs are locked. I suppose if you decided to use a single i7 with this board you might wanna OC your CPU then... And with XMP RAM the BIOS detects latency and sets it accordingly; but it doesn't do so with RAM speed. That has to be raised to the XMP rated speed manually. That's a common mobo/XMP quirk I think

There are lots of success stories in this thread you might emulate...
But in summary, here's what I know off the top of my head that has worked:
RAM: Corsair Vengeance 1600 with 9 or 10 CAS latency and 64GB kits or smaller
PSU: ANTEC HCP-1000 Platinum PSU (if you wanna use hibernation) and Corsair 1200AX (if you disable hibernation)

Edited by BlackenedTush - 7/17/13 at 12:57pm
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More news regarding BIOS #5004 and Ivy EP: my GTX TITAN successfully runs at PCIe 3.0 x16 speed when Ivy Bridge EP is used. Card is located at the PCIe slot #3.
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BUILD COMPLETE! I'm pretty stoked. Everything is running like it should out of the box--for all the trouble it seemed this board would put me through, I haven't hit a snag yet. Windows 8 installed, and my GTX 680 is working flawlessly. What I've got going:

- Dual Xeon E5-2665 ES QB7U (I believe it's C0 stepping) Speedstep ON, Turbo ON, H/T ON
- 32GB Kingston Unbuffered ECC Server RAM DDR3-1600 KVR16E11K4/32 R(currently running in DUAL CHANNEL MODE, due to 4x8GB sticks. Will probably swap out for a 8x4 set for quad channel)
- BIOS 5004
- MSI GTX 680 Twin Frozor 4GB
- Windows 8 x64 PRO
- Samsung 840pro 512GB SSD
- No raid (yet)

Graphics card installation: because of prior posts stating that this board had problems with GTX6xx cards, I installed Windows using an old Nvidia 9800GT card. I then installed the GForce drivers, then I swapped out the 9800GT for the GTX680. It booted up correctly with the status code of "22", and smoothly went into Windows 8. I'm not sure if this process was a help or not, I just wanted to eliminate all doubt when I was installing Windows.

Another thing to note was that with the C0 stepping chips, someone mentioned that VT-d is not supported. I made sure to DISABLE this after the 5004 bios update, as it's set to ENABLED by default.

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Great, that's awesome that you got it all together successfully.

Any pics?
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Awesome phillydee!
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That's great information... and I like how you fill in the pertinent details
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I may just have learned something... I hadn't really thought it thru before; but it makes sense that to run in quad channel you'd either need to have one CPU with 4 sticks or two CPUs with 8.

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