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Element2k3 or whatever it was...forgot the quotes...

Yeah you may be right there! But I do a bit of 3d rendering (vray, etc) and then I REALLY needed those extra spicy cores! Actually, it's been a while since I did a longer render on the laptop, so not sure iff 1 to 1 (got a bit close to that ratio finally) is actually that bad! Still a bit disappointed no NLE has really taken advantage of the intel fast render thing, (tried it out on premiere? a while ago...the sdk plugin) but just got very strange colors and crashes.

As far as I know all 16 cores are actually running at 2.3 ghz, and things like Vue, Vray, etc. are just so much faster it's not funny. So I can live with premiere rendering a bit slower (still almost 1:1! So not too shabby...but was hoping we were even faster with our asus mobos and 16-24 cores!)

Intel quicksync never really worked for me...tried the SDK etc...was all wrong. Shame as it's really blindingly quick and with h.265 and 4k we may need that. No I don't do only video, a bit of everything (generalist freelance, 3d, compositing, etc etc).
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Yes Mercury is enabled...had to do the hack on my laptop with it's puny 2gb geforce gt540m (and similar hack for after effects cuda thingy...whatever it was...raytracing? forget)...but doesn't seem necessary with master collection CS6 (and gtx 770). I'll cut off my left cojone before I go to adobe cc!

Not quite optimized here (frankly still learning the Adobe suite...pretty experienced with PS, Illustrator, AE, Flash (hah hah..obsolete!) but just learning the ropes with Premiere..only just getting my raid setup in order (4x4tb in raid 1+0) and struggling with various Corsair problems (weeelll, iff they want to call themselves Corsair, no quarter given! Been pretty vocal and harsh on the forums, not that that will help me....sigh....)

Thanks for the feedback guys (and gals? what no hot chickas on overclock.net?)...keeping it surreal...

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Originally Posted by BlackenedTush View Post


I don't agree with Elernment 2K3. Adobe advertised advanced 64bit hyperthreading from v CS5.5 and it also touted the Mercury Playback Engine with its additional GPU acceleration that takes advantage of CUDA, Open GL & Open CL.

Now you have an NVIDIA card...but I haven't heard you mention enabling the Mercury Playback Engine for your project. Have you done that? (Project>Project settings>General>Video rendering and Playback>Mercury Playback engine GPU Acceleration). You might have to manually get Premire to sniff out your GPU first.

If you're doing Red Digital Cinema high def vid then a RAID0 target drive is crucial (SSDs are known for read not write throughput). AVCHD wouldn't need the RAID target; just faster processors. I target my RAID10 array and use SSDs for anything where reading is a priority - like project source files, system/application launch, and for caching.


No svartaraeva, still on 1080p here...via my gopro2 and original galaxy note....waiting for the blackmagic 4k camera to come out (although that poses some storage problems! actually even the pocket cam does...). I'm still pretty much in the 'home/vid for family' camp, although i was an early adopter of hdv (canon hv20 and hv30) and follow all the websites pretty much daily. Still waiting for compressed RAW in a viable form and for storage to come down in price. Installing the 4x4tb WD Red in raid 1+0 tonight, but already stressed that that isn't nearly enough capacity. And no idea how to back it up (have two older NAS, but in the same room, not a proper backup). Iff I had the ball$ and the dough for storage, I would just start shooting straight away on a blackmagic m43, but the cost of shooting RAW in terms of SSD's and storage is just prohibitive. Need to wait for some form of compressed RAW. But really would like to see 2.5k or similar in future cameras to be able to stablize handheld shots! Have used a bollywood steadycam, and frankly, it helps, but a lot of extra weight and takes a lot of practice (and effort!).

Sorry iff you thought I was a pro! But am still at amateur level here..mostly in publishing, not cinema....can do a nice book layout for you tho' if you want!

PS some will ask..why does squidman need 3d programs and compositing etc for publishing? Well it's because I suck at illustrating...I can't draw/illustrate to save my life! But with these programs I can CHEAT! And cheating is good:thumb:....especially if you need a 3d composite from plates for a bookcover! A bit of photoshopping, a bit of AE, etc....voila! As long as the printer is happy (don't get me started on editors and printers!) wink.gif
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Originally Posted by ignoramus View Post

Ok, i cant find the information anywhere on how to make start-ups smoother.

From a cold start it powers up then powers down and back up again and then attempts to start 4 or 5 times (jumping back and forth between the initial ASUS screen and intel boot somethingorother) before it loads windows and crunches more data than chuck norris ever could.

Did anyone find a solution? Are there devices/options that i can disable in the BIOS to make this go away? tbh its not that big a deal - i dont plan on restarting much more than once a month and the startup time is still under 2 minutes but i would just prefer it was sorted, ya'know?

NB. Final cinebench score is 18.8. Thats with 2 old 7200rpm laptop HDDs in raid 0 and memory @ 1333. My mem doesnt boot at 1600..

Also make sure your intel chipset drivers are up to date. i dont know if it was raiding the HDDs which gave me a 0.5 increase in cinebench but it may have been better chipset drivers. Note: intel's auto update feature on their website never works for me but driver genius always finds the latest ICDs.

Edit- is a F@H score of 70K about right? i have 2x 2665s and a GTX 460.

Are you on 'spicy chips'/Engineering sample chips' or normal retail ones? My ASUS z9pe-d8WS still restarts several times (am on spicy chips - these days it only restars 2-3 times), but usually starts. My cinebench was around the same for e5-2665's. Never was able to install raid drivers once I started installing win7 ultimate 64, was a bit of a nightmare. Bit of a late night here per usual (always when I go on this site! One good bottle of vino rosso down!), but I recall trying to install drivers under the win7 installation was an absolute nightmare using the ad-hoc method (installing drivers during OS installation). Never was able to get the intel IRSTe to work, but finally got the Marvell chipset to work AFTER OS installation. Ditto LSI chipset, never worked.

Bit zonked here, but you've absolutely found the right place for help (some details on your board, chips, etc would help!), have nothing but props for the guys on this forum! Good luck!
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I have the Z9PE and x2 2.7ghz 2680. w/ 64GB Ram. I'm working with x1 Titan GPU. Atto 6F0, 16 channel internal Card w/ x12 3TB in RAID 0. 1800MB/s. Myricom 10Ge, BlackMagic 4k, or decklink Duo.

Liquid cooled with x2 CPU / x1 Titan / x2 chips on Atto Raid card. Rackmount in SuperMicro case, Swiftech MCR220 Drive. 52ºC full load, low fans. GPU 45ºC full GPU load. Cinebench is around 20.

I can say performance for me is very good in AE, Davinci Resolve, Colorfront, etc.. I'm seeing that Red Raw footage has absolutely no leverage on GPU, only the Red Rocket card, otherwise CPU only. It's one of the few things that peg my CPU at 100%. I'm decoding Full res at 22fps. It's good to know because I'm only getting 24fps with my Red Rocket card installed. Real-time Playback on 1/2 Res, w/o Rocket card. I barely ever use the Red Epic though, 1-2 times per year. Same story with 1 decode of GoPro Hero 3. Alternatively, I'm using the Sony F65 daily, which decodes at 28fps out of Davinci, and is GPU based only, ColorFront Decodes 29fps with Titan also. Full Res playback in all applications.
This board allows me to run a vast amount of programs at the same time, which for me is very High Performance. I've had two VM's going, FCP. Davinci and Colorfront, as well as 1/2 dozen other programs. x12 instances of MpegStreamclip going from Go Pro Hero 3 to ProRes does the trick and pegs 100%. Purely, the single most critical part of my build is the x12 Drive Raid 0. And the CPU's trailing at a close 2nd. The RAID creates so much flexibility especially in a Post environment. This the top build of this board I have, also the only liquid one. I have a clone of it thats aircooled and another one with 2630's. Very pleased with this board.

BTW, I do not run windows. OSX only. I hope that 10.9 improves performance of my Titan.
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So how do you ingest/process Gopro footage (assume that's captured in protune mode)? Have you actually found a LUT online that you can share with the rest of us poor amateurs so that we don't need to go through the painful ingest to cineform->expand to stupidly large file size/color correct->reincode to h.264? Would love to hear! That is a really really annoying and moronic process!

Nice rig(s)! ..cough cough (show-off!)...drool.gif

Looking for my arri alexa and phantom flex, they're around here somewhere amongst the debris of the flat!

Hey mate, why on earth don't you run Assimilate Scratch while you're at it?

Seriously tho', share with the community (as you're a pro in DaVinci etc) how to ingest Gopro protune footage, color correct etc without us amatuers going the gopro route. You could make a top blog on that, know I would follow.smile.gif
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I ingest with a usb3 reader, If I'm making editorial files that are Avid dnx or Pro Res, and log is preferred. I use the Mpeg Streamclip to go to ProRes, and make multiple instances of it, usually 6-12. Its a manual process depending on how preoccupied I am with other things. But i can process them simultaneously, which speeds it up tremendously. For DNX or If i need to use a grade(LUT) I use Davinci. I'm a Colorist, and I prefer grading from log instead of starting with Log --> Linear conversion.

On Windows, if staying Log FFmpeg, should offer the same results with multiple instances. I'm not a windows user at all.
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Thanks! But that is for gopro protune footage? I've messed around with Avid but gave up (non-intuitive GUI)..but the point I was getting at, the cineform presets for Gopro/workflow using the gopro footage require that you ingest, convert the h.264 (to cineform) , then use a preset on the gopro software (the LUT I'm after), (these are all now in gigantic friggin' cineform files), then recompress back to h.264. So what I'm after of course is a LUT or basic color correction methodology (**** man, whether it's in Premiere, Speedgrade, Vegas, or Davinci), to avoid the gigantic files in the intermediate conversion to cineform. As an old school photographer (using 120 film and grey cards!) I guess I could actually go back to using grey cards, but it's a bit of a hassle and the old grey cards aren't always that reliable. Depends on the angle etc.

So as a colorist (no doubt also on a 10-bit 4k display!) what can we as amateurs do to go from the protune mode in the gopro2/gopro3 to recreate (sort of) what we see and the eventual output (assume that would be sRGB on the web for most viewers). Have had this prob with the early hdv camcorders, no matter how we calibrate monitors when editing, there is no color info for the cameras, ditto output (equivalent to color spaces we use in printing/publishing)...**** I guess there's REC 709, but nobody actually tests and publishes the actual color spaces of the cameras.

See my problem? Not after a super stylistic grade, just want (as close as possible!) what I see to be conveyed to the viewer. So was hoping you with gopro3 experience maybe had a lut or workflow you could share with the community.

Yes I have a ****ty older monitor, but yes i calibrate it regularly with a ****ty colorimeter (i1 display pro), and yes their software is pretty frigging broken! Have no idea of the deltas, but I figure it's good enough for amateur stuff. Would pick up a better display, but no point, waiting on 4k ones to come down in price over the next 2-3 years.

Still coming to grips with LUTs etc, am most used to ICC profiles of course here! But damn they could have come up with some standard color spaces for camera->screen->final output a long time ago! Remember whinging about that 5 yrs ago on dvxuser etc...smile.gif
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The simple truth is that every monitor on the entire planet is different. And when you are processing footage there is no simple Lut. If you calibrate your monitor to rec709, then the monitors that are 709 will view your work will look similar. Which is primarily Televisions. Computer Displays are a different story, and are almost always never set for REC709.
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Originally Posted by x86box View Post

This board allows me to run a vast amount of programs at the same time, which for me is very High Performance. I've had two VM's going, FCP. Davinci and Colorfront, as well as 1/2 dozen other programs. x12 instances of MpegStreamclip going from Go Pro Hero 3 to ProRes does the trick and pegs 100%.
Wow I'm impressed with what you've done with this board! Yeah. the multitasking flexibility is probably where I find my greatest benefit. How do the virtual machines fit in?
Originally Posted by x86box View Post

Purely, the single most critical part of my build is the x12 Drive Raid 0. And the CPU's trailing at a close 2nd. The RAID creates so much flexibility especially in a Post environment.
12 drives in RAID0 zero is pretty sick! Amazing actually ... I see that your controller has a claimed throughput of 9.6GB/sec. How did you arrive at 12 being the number, rather than maxing it at 16? Physical room or cost/benefit decision? Are you using SAS drives? And have you experimented with stripe/block size at all?
Originally Posted by x86box View Post

BTW, I do not run windows. OSX only. I hope that 10.9 improves performance of my Titan.
So it sounds like you hackintoshed this board. I am doubly impressed. I had entertained the idea myself before building, but then decided against it. Any problems with that?

Good to have you in the forum...
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