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Cooling issues

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I don't know if this is in the right place but it includes an intel cpu so thought why not

my temps seem to be running higher than usual (i live in the UK) so i am wondering if the hot weather is having such a big impact

my cpu cores are idling between 31-38 (88-100f) and my gpu just below 40 (102), my mobo around 31 (88)

are these temps still okay? dont wanna game and they go through the roof

i cant remember what they we're on a cold day but im sure my cores we're running this hot under load last week
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my cpu cooler is the corsair H100 if it helps, my pc has also crashed twice but i think its because i had quite a few things running although it shouldnt of happened with a 3930k and 16gb ram
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First, we need to know what your rig has in it, if you're OCed or not, etc.
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3930k at stock, 16gb gskill ripjawsz (2133mhz) running at 1600mhz i think, a gigabyte hd7970 OC 3gb running at stock, corsair HX1050w, corsair force 3 SSD, 1tb HDD (think its seagate), Haf X case with 2x200mm fans on top (exhaust), 1x200m on side (intake) 1 x 230mm front (intake) 1x120mm on VGA duct inside case, 1x140mm back (exhaust), theres also room for an 80mm fan on a gpu bracket however i dont have that fitted, a rampage 4 extreme mobo, samsung blu ray drive (if that matters), corsair H100 as previously mentioned, cant think of anything else
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Seems like you have adequate air flow. What's your ambient temps?
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i cant remember what they used to be but gpu ambient is roughly cpu cores - 31-38 and gpu - 40 (on a warm day)

just been playing diablo 3 ( i have got a fan on to cool me so duno if it affects the temps but been getting low-mid 40s for cores although it went up to 49-56 (been taking screenshots lol) and my gpu is roughly 60 (varying from 57-60)

i cant get HDD and SSD temps as ive only got a trial version of AIDA, do they matter as much as gpu and cpu temps ?

mobo is 34/35
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although looking at it the temps seem to drop as soon as i minimize the game so add between 2 and 5 onto the readings lol, sure one dropped 7c
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yeah cpu is low - mid 50s
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