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Originally Posted by amd955be5670 View Post

If anyone here is curious,
I re-applied the paste successfully, then it still was going in the 95c range without sli, then I suddenly spotted the 2nd fan which is over the chip wasn't running.
I guess its motor is busted or whatever, it still is capable of spinning, if given a push by a pen it starts running again, but its slow and the GPU still hits 95c.
Last option RMA I think, anyone care to share their experience with RMA?

Well some have a good experience with MSI's rma process and some have the opposite. I myself have had to rma a motherboard with them in the past and they were fairly quick with the turnaround so I could say my experience was positive.

Of course if you dont live in the states your turnaround time could be much longer depending on where you have to ship your item to. Either way just be sure to follow the rma instructions perfectly and you should have no problems.
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I just hope I get the exact card back, maybe a different model number.

I'll put it in on monday or tuesday since then I'll be free.

Just went today to find out all I have to do, it looks fairly easy. Just hoping it works.
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