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GTX 680 driver crashing!

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ok so i recently built a new pc (ill put specs below) and i was using the onboard ivybridge 4000 graphics till i got my gtx 680, and after i put in my card i installed the latest driver from nvidia 301.42 and sometimes my video drivers crash while im gaming or even when i watch youtube videos..i get this error (put image below) and i dont know what caused it...i went into the bios and made the primary graphics PCIE and i also uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers and it still happends.... the games run smoothly and then a random driver crash so i dont think its a RMA card...i run two monitors at 1920-1080 and also all the nvidia settings are stock and its using the advanced 3d image settings....if anyone can help me out id appreciate it.

corsair AX 850w
asus z77 sabertooth mobo
intel I7 3770k @4.2ghz boost
8gb corsair vengence 1866mhz
corsair h80
evga SC signature

the driver error i get .... http://i46.tinypic.com/ouv47n.png
sometimes i get a quick crash, and others my comp freezes up.
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Is the card overheating? Did you remove the Intel drivers for the onboard? Does it happen at stock setting for your CPU with your memory timings, voltage and speed (1333mhz) set?
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the card never goes over 75c, mostly always at 55-60c i didnt uninstall the onboard drivers yet and no i havent tryed the put everything stock.
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I have the same exact card with the same problems. I been going back and forth with evga about it and now they are just going to RMA my card. Not too sure whats wrong with it.
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EVGA SC cards are being RMAed for FTW version upgrades. RMA the card and get the FTW. It's a known issue with SC cards that they're bad.
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Yeah. I had to RMA my first 680 SC because it was having the same problem. It reached 75C at max load and would eventually crash or freeze (This was with adjusted fan profiles in Precision X). The Signature that I got from Newegg is a much better card. It hits 66C at full load.
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so i should RMA the card? it doesnt seem to be a heat issue tho.
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It's not a heat issue, it's a card issue. RMA the card and get your FTW.
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My card keeps ******* crashing too ***
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ya i called the evga tech support, they told me to do a few things to try n fix it, but i had to RMA my card for a new one, hopefully i dont have those problems again.
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