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From the benchmarks I saw, the hot fix had next to no effect, and the 8150 before and after the hotfix performed within +/- 0.3FPS of an i5 2500k (except for skyrim, but thats expect by now wink.gif .)
Still benchmarking, had some other errands to run today and didn't get a chance to play around a ton, but with the catalyst 12.7 beta, Unigine Heaven gets an average of 72.7FPS with everything maxed at 1080p everything stock clocks.

I'll make a separate thread under the AMD section. The benchmarked games will be Crysis 2, Battlefield 3, Crysis 1, and the Source Engine (The CS:GO beta version). As well as Unigine Heaven, I will use cinebench for synthetic benchmarks. I will run these benchmarks with the processor at 3.1GHz (Stock 8120), 3.6GHz (Stock 8150), and 4.4GHz. If I can push my CPU past 4.4GHz (no luck sofar) Ill bench it at a higher speed too.

Thanks for posting the Heaven benchmarks, you coincidentally chose the same settings I did when I first got my 6950 crossfire setup! Here are my benchmarks for comparison: